My apologies, these past few days I was busy getting my master degree in procrastination and apart from that I enjoyed being downright lazy. Since not finding the time to blog is entirely defeats the purpose of having a blog, I have chosen to devote some time to my favourite drink of choice.


Anyone who knows me even just a little bit, will know that I suffer from an incurable addiction to coffee, although I wouldn't exactly describe my addiction as 'suffering'. I've been indulging in coffee for more than ten years and whereas I can cut down, you really wouldn't want to challenge me to quit altogether. Not unless you're into grouchy, ill-tempered, short-fused behaviour with an extra topping of impatience and snarky remarks, that is. In other words: If I want coffee, I will have coffee. For example, my dad, a coffee-addict himself (you can see a pattern here), knows that the only way he'll get anything remotely useful out of me is to serve me freshly brewed coffee - bribery at its finest. He's also the one who introduced me to the following little gem: "A good coffee in the morning, dispels all your worry and sorrow." If you think about it, it's least for as long as the caffeine is doing it's job.

Now, I do not intend to drone on about the merits and faults of coffee and caffeine nor do I intend to tell you that you should be drinking coffee and if you don't then you're missing out on something divine (although, personally, I do think that). No, I intend to keep this post light-hearted and hopefully funny.

To start off, let me quote an excerpt from a website - From Coffee With Love - I found when doing my research earlier today: "Because it first starts with infatuation, but as you get to know it more and more, you begin to love the drink, the smell, the taste, the way it is made, the way it looks," I agree whole-heartedly. You either love coffee or you don't. If you love it, you'll drink it, if you don't, you won't.

Looking at the statement, I found myself thinking that it's much like a new relationship, in a way. You meet somebody new, you fall in like with them, you may even be infatuated.

Infatuated with the way they move, the way they talk animatedly about something they are passionate about, the way they smile, the way they have cream stuck to their nose when drinking a hot's a wonderful journey and at the end there is love, hopefully. So yes, and I can only speak for myself here, I've fallen in love with coffee over the years.

Surprisingly up until tonight even I didn't know all the benefits you can gain from drinking coffee, apart from it being one of the few acceptable things to cheat on your partner with, that is. 

For example, did you know that drip coffee has on average between 15 and 75mg more caffeine than espresso or that for many people coffee is be the only resource of natural antioxidants? Overall, when enjoyed in moderation (that's 1 or 2 cups per day) coffee offers more benefits than side effects. On another note, did you know that besides the Americans, the French and the Germans are some of the largest consumers of coffee? I won't bore you with statistics but funnily enough combined these people drink about 65% of the coffee that's consumed in the world! Get that, we drink an ocean-load of coffee it seems.

Coffee has also been blessed with its very own holiday - in Ireland that's the 19th of September, in case you were wondering. So if you have no plans for that day, why not invite someone for coffee? It's a great ice breaker and I bet you'll get a smile out of him or her. Yes, people, coffee may actually get you a date. On an off topic note, as the Irish invented the world famous Irish coffee, they celebrate that too. I do realise that September isn't exactly around the corner however the forth week of January is and that is the National Irish Coffee Week. See you don't need to wait that long after all for your next coffee date.

Another interesting fact, and again I did not know this myself, is that coffee trees (yes, coffee grows on trees) aren't fast growers. In fact it takes some five years for a coffee tree to reach full maturity and even then each tree will only bear one or two pound of coffee per growing season. How on earth do they keep up with the demand? I think I may have to start growing my own coffee. Although considering that I've trouble keeping a cactus alive I should maybe leave it up to the professionals after all.

This leads me to wonder where coffee actually came from. Well legend has it that it all started with dancing goats, yes people, dancing goats. 

image curtsey of this website

Apparently these dancing goats ate some coffee berries and got rather frisky with each other while high on caffeine. I don't think I want to investigate further. I leave it up to you to surf the net for more information on those weird Ethiopian goats.

Check out this hilarious, but informative comic about coffee and the dancing goats of Ethiopia.

So far we've covered coffee addiction, nutrition, love and a brief history of coffee, coffee holidays and yes, I firmly believe that the 19th of September should be a bank holiday, but what we haven't covered yet is music.

It's really rather unsurprising that, since so many people in the world drink coffee, plenty of music has made made about coffee. The White Stripes contributed with One More Cup Of Coffee while Johnny Cash sang about a Cup Of Coffee and the legend that is Frank Sinatra entertained the crowds with The Coffee Song. Jimmy Eat World gets rather sentimental reminiscing about Coffee & Cigarettes. New Wave band Squeeze liked to drink Black Coffee In Bed. Spandau Ballet had a Coffee Club in 1982 and in 1995 Mike and the Mechanics poured themselves Another Cup of Coffee. For more songs about coffee, check out this list.

After all that coffee talk, why not find out what your relationship with the most socially acceptable drug around is or if you really don't like coffee enjoy working your way through this list of tea.

As you all, without a doubt, now believe that my life consists of wearing hoodies, procrastinating and drinking coffee, I will leave you with this horrible misconception of who I really am. Incidentally I can live with being put into that particular box. Now, if you excuse me, I'm off to have some more coffee.