Tonight I'm blogging about hoodies. Why? Well for starters I bought a new hoodie yesterday which is so ridiculously comfortable that I may never take it off ever again unless somebody gives me a good reason as to why I should. Good luck with that. There's just something extraordinary about throwing on that over-sized, cuddly garment with its signature hoodie and drawstrings... especially when it's cold outside. "I wouldn't be surviving winter without them," said Fi and she's spot on while Geraldine muses that she can't quite understand what the actual hood is for. "Looking dodgy comes to mind," I reply with a chuckle.

I say throw on that hoodie and some jogging pants or baggy jeans, order a take-away and snuggle up with a good movie, a book or someone special - if you ask me that's my evening sorted. Emma agrees. "Comfy," is all she's got to say and she couldn't have found a better word to sum-up the awesomeness that is a hoodie. Lindsay pipes up "Wearing one right now...it's yellow. It's beautiful," and there I am smiling at the all the different reactions I got when I asked Twitter to comment on "hoodies".

I love those large frontal pocket. You can slip your hands inside and twiddle your thumbs or toy with your mobile or keys or whatever else you've put inside. Without a doubt the best thing is when you find a tenner from when you ran to the shop to get some chocolate or pay the pizza delivery guy. You can pull those sleeves over your hands and hide them or pull the hood up and block out the world for a while...or you hit the net and find out more about the history of hoodies. Yep, believe it or not those awesome garments have a history of their own...

For example, did you know that some people do their laundry wearing a hoodie or that the hoodie is also called "bunny hug" or that the history of the hoodie started in the 1930s but really took off in the 1970s when the era of American hip hop was booming? Check out Wikipedia if you want to know more...

Denis Wilson published an interesting article titled "A Look Under the Hoodie" in the New York Times in 2006, check it out here. And hey...celebs wear them too! Check out Rihanna rocking a fly hoodie dress and everyone's favourite vampire Rob Pattinson looking dodgy, resting against a bike on a busy road. Jay-Z even goes on stage wearing a cool zip-up hoodie. Jodi Albert looks really sexy in a light pink hoodie while her husband Kian Egan wears one to take the dog out for a walk.

Aren't you just about ready rummage through your wardrobe to find your own favourite hoodie?