Eternal Summer 盛夏光年

It's once again come to my attention that I've been fairly quiet on the blogging front. I've a few ideas for future blog posts, I just don't seem to find the time (or energy) to get started on them and if it's not that, procrastination is playing a considerable role in me abstaining from blogging.

Then there's that pesky thing known as real life (work for example, or a short holiday in Scotland), the requirement to sleep and studying Chinese after every class as well as revision. All in all, if I let life run it's course I'll never get any blogging (or writing) done so I'm brutally intervening and even though I don't really have the time to blog, I'm doing so anyway.

The reason why I'm taking such a radical action is because last night I finally found (read: took) the time to watch an absolutely beautiful and powerful movie. It's called "Eternal Summer" (Mandarin Chinese: 盛夏光年 / Pinyin: Shèng Xià Guāng Nián) as you may have guessed from the title of this blog. The basic description of the plot, which Wikipedia actually sums up beautifully, gives you a tender introduction to the movie  - "three high school students experience the perks and pitfalls of love in (a) sensitive tale of friendship and yearning,"

The movie was directed by Leste Chen, who has done an incredible job in capturing the beauty and pain of experiencing that tender first love you'll remember forever. Joseph Chang, who plays Shane (Mandarin Chinese: 守恒 / Pinyin: Shou Heng), Byrant Chang, who plays Jonathan (Mandarin Chinese: 正行 / Pinyin: Zheng Xing) and Kate Yeung, who plays Carrie (Mandarin Chinese: 慧嘉 / Pinyin: Hui Jia), bounce of each other beautifully in the movie - three actors well chosen for the roles they have been asked to portray in the movie. They manage to convey the character's true feelings and bring the plot across even when things are left unsaid, showing clearly that you don't always need grand speech or actions to evoke emotions within the viewer. Personally I actually cried at one point during the movie though I will not share with you which part that was as it will take away the fun of watching it. On the bright side the movie also had me laughing and smiling as well as holding my breath when I was sure something, I wouldn't like, was about to happen...

"Eternal Summer" is a truly beautiful, tender, touching, soulful tale. It is well worth one hour and a half of your time. The soundtrack, which contains 23 beautiful musical scores, heavily influcened by light piano tunes, is magnificent and aids the movie perfectly. It's also a good listen if you'd like to relax and take your mind out of the real world for some 45 minutes (duration of the whole soundtrack) or read a good book.

The names of the three characters also have a truly wonderful meaning, which is explained at the beginning of the movie as well as on the Wikipedia website. I'll give you a simplified explanation without the aid of the Chinese characters from which they were derived, though please do bear in mind that this is the reason why the names Shane, Jonathan and Carrie were chosen. The explanation is sweet and tender, which I hope will encourage you to watch the movie...

Shane represents the star (the sun) which always shines. Jonathan represents the planet (the earth), which follows its route around the sun but cannot approach it. Carrie represents the comet, which brings a surprise to the universe. Without any of the three the picture would be incomplete...

I'll leave you to ponder over the meaning behind the explanation (also a very good plot summary for the movie) and if I've even just remotely triggered your curiosity, do give the movie a try, you won't regret it.

On a personal note, I watched the movie in it's original language, which is Mandarin Chinese, and when I discovered that I could actually understand some of the dialogue without reading the English subtitles, I was more than just a little pleased with myself. I wasn't really able to follow the entire conversation without reading the subtitles but for me it was a personal archivement to realise that if I keep putting effort into my Chinese studies, there will definitely be a positive result. All the blood, sweat and tears will be worth it in the end... :-)