Panda Bears

My fluffy Pandas from China
I'm a little overexcited tonight (see picture for a clue). I'm also hungry and slightly overtired. In short I'm really not sure I should be allowed to blog but as there's no-one stopping me I'm gonna do it anyway :-)!

I've had a mega-stressful day in work but no worries I'm not about to complain about that...I've something much more exciting to talk about. More exciting even than the fact that I'm back to regular Chinese lessons as my Chinese teacher is back in the country, although that is pretty darn cool, you've got to admit that.

To get to the point, my Chinese teacher brought me a little present  - or should I say two little presents? I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with Panda bears but they are up there with Lindt chocolate and coffee so uhm well maybe I am after all just a little obsessed. I've a fair collection of teddy bears (somewhat of a weakness of mine which I may introduce in a future blog post) however so far I've never had a Panda bear. I've a teddy bear who's as old as me (his name is Leo) and I've a koala bear and a blue donkey called Fred (you will know him as Eeyore), I've even got a bear called Draco Malfoy! But now, now I have finally have a Panda! Two actually. They came all the way from China (literally, not just 'Made in China'), are super cuddly, extremely cute and well long story short I'm in love!

As of yet my new babies are nameless. For the time being, I'm affectionately calling my two Pandas 妈妈熊猫 (māma xióngmāo / Mama Panda) and 宝宝熊猫 (bǎobǎo xióngmāo / Baby Panda) but they'll need proper names sooner or later. If you would like to make a suggestion, do leave a comment! I'm preferably looking for something that incorporates the Panda's origin and / or their habits, fur colour, etc. If you'd like to suggest a Chinese name you're more than welcome to.

If you'd like to lean more about real Panda bears, not just the cuddly version I've got, check out this link or more information on the Chengdu (China) Panda Base or the Pandas International. Panda Bears are unfortunately an endangered species, so if you'd like to help (donate or maybe even adopt a Panda), check out the work that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) does for those gorgeous Bear Cats (Xióng Māo the Panda's Chinese name translates into Bear Cat).

I'll leave you with some visuals - Panda Bear Cubs in Trees and Panda Bears in Beijing Zoo as well as a SkyNews Report on a Panda Bear Kindergarten!