"Glee Live" rocking Dublin!

Saturday, 2nd of July 2011 - without a doubt a memorable evening! I find it hard to get really excited about a concert when I buy tickets months and months in advance but yesterday I spent a thoroughly lazy day bubbling with excitement about where I'd be spending the evening...at the O2 Arena Dublin. I was so excited I even tried to convey my excitement about the concert by trying to incorporate it into my Chinese studies.

Characters of Glee

I got to the arena with plenty of time to spare (yet not enough to get bored before the show) and upon taking my seat I got a treat - Cory Monteith (who plays Finn Hudson) poking his head out from behind the curtain just a few feet away from me after taking some pictures with fans. It was too dark and there was too much action going on around me for me to try and snap a picture but it was a treat - Cory looked genuinely excited about the upcoming show (or at least that's how I interpret his curious smile) but I soon got distracted by quotes and pictures from the TV series flashing by on the big screens on either side of the stage.

Sue Sylvester just never fails to amuse and all the quotes where the source of much laughter all around the arena. Soon enough the lights went out and we got treated to an amazing live dance show by Glee's support group. A dance group that calls themselves The LXD - The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers. Check them out - they are a seriously amazing dance group who wooed the audience with an excellent mix of street dancing, break dancing and a classic dance routine to "Grenade" by Bruno Mars. Their show didn't last long but it was action packed and intriguing. Those guys don't just think they can dance, they actually dance.

The big screens on either side of the stage entertained the audience with more quotes from Glee for a while longer while the roadies made the final changes to the stage and pretty soon the WMHS Cheerios were running around the audience handing out "barf bags" - a present from Sue Sylvester. :-) The lights went out a couple of minutes later and Sue Sylvester introduced the Glee club in a way only Sue Sylvester can - much to the amusement of the entire arena. Will Schuester interrupted Sue's rant about everything that is rotten about Glee and despite Sue's displeasure they both introduced Glee and for a couple of seconds it went completely dark.

Then the curtain went up and the familiar tunes of "Don't Stop Believing" started and the Glee club started the show in style. The audience went wild and I couldn't stop myself from grinning as I watched, what I'd previously only seen on my TV screen, coming to life right in front of my very eyes. It was truly a treat and from the word "go" the show was action packed with frequent costume changes, video links and interaction between the stars of Glee and the audience.

I got the chance to sing along to a great mix of songs from the show as well as sing and dance along. Unfortunately Dianna Agron who plays Quinn Fabray was not part of the show but a breath-taking performance from Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) wooed the audience with a cracking performance of Britney's "I'm a Slave 4 U".

Brittany S. Pierce
 Heather is truly a stunning dancer and she and Harry Shum, Jr. (Mike Chang) proved that throughout the show as they joined the supporting dancers on quite a few occasions.

Can't sing, eh?

Cheeky sod!

Mike, you need to get another t-shirt!

Definitely can dance! Harry rocking out to "PYT"

The majority of the pictures I took were of Harry and Cory and I'm guilty as charged as they are two of my favourite characters. Harry is an extremely great dancer and Cory - well I sorta had a love and hate relationship with his character Finn from the start but I like the fact that he's plays a pretty decent bloke who steps up and defends his point when it comes down to it. I may also be just a little bit in love with Harry because he slushed me with a paper slushee during the show when the Glee club performed "Loser Like Me". He looked straight at me when he grabbed the plastic cup with the slushee since he was stood about three feet away from me at the most despite being up on stage. I shook my head at him when he toyed with the cup, sorta pleading with him not to slushee me but when I turned my head for a split second he took that opportunity to slushee me anyway and gave me the cheekiest grin and a wink when I "glared" at him. It's truly amazing how little things like that can make your day. I'm still grinning, thinking about it now, and it's a silly little memory I'll treasure for a long time - I'll dig it out someday when I'm not feeling on top of the world!

On another note Lea Michele (Rachel Berry) is absolutely tiny in real life - she's also a party girl for the fresh club tattoo on her right wrist gave her away. I was stunned - for her small frame she sure has the incredibly talent to portray a very fierce and strong-willed character.

Lea in action!

Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel) truly rocked the show, almost stole it even, like he usually does, much to my entertainment. He performed a stunning dance performance to "Single Ladies", aided by Heather's dance skills which were almost distracting. He also almost proposed to his "boyfriend" Blaine Anderson (Darren Criss) after fooling the audience that he'd hidden a green shamrock underneath one of seats somewhere in the arena. Chris told everyone that whoever found the shamrock would be allowed to ask Darren a personal question but pretty soon "realised" that the shamrock was still in his pocket and therefore proceeded to ask Darren a personal question himself. I held my breath for a moment when Chris went down on one knee, pretending to propose to Darren, who played along extremely well. After some bickering Chris (Kurt) eventually invited Darren, well Blaine, to officially join the Glee club. Also, according to Chris, Kurt is apparently 80 percent Irish, 10 percent German and 10 percent wood nymph - something Darren (Blaine) wholeheartedly agreed with. 

Kurt in action!

Kurt & Mercedes messing around

A treat, the Warblers (Blaine & the Pips)

Kurt - 'nuff said!

The Warblers performed a three song "medley" and even went into the audience, which was an amazing treat for the fans and a moment of utter worry for the security staff I imagine.

All in all, the show was truly epic, full of action, amazing songs and performance ranging from solos and duets to group performances and dance choreographies so without further ado I'm leaving you with more pictures because I've rambled long enough and I truly believe that you got the gist of how amazing a show it was! I'd go again if I could!

Artie's dream "Safety Dance" - a cracker!


Don't Stop Believing!

More Cory!

Jenna aka Tina Cohen-Chang

Jenna performing a solo of "True Colours"

Kurt & Rachel (Chris & Lea) duet

Queen of Soul


Santana - hot for Lebanese Irish Girls

If you've seen the show, I'd love to know what you thought about it and which part you enjoyed best! Drop me a comment and let me know...