A blog post that actually isn't a blog post

I got bitten by the blogging bug earlier today which ideally should excite me except I'm experiencing a distinct lack of things I could possibly talk about. I'm pretty sure that you're not interested in my back and neck pain (if you are, please send chocolate!), how long I've spent on the bus today trying to get to work or the fact that I'm a forgetful scatter-brain (and anyway I already told you about that!).

Since writing a blog post with nothing to talk about is pretty much impossible (although I would manage, if I tried hard enough) I've decided I'm going to let a couple of other bloggers do the talking by sharing some of my favourite blog posts.

I'm going to start off with a thought provoking post by the brilliant @koangirl. She aptly titled her post "And You May Ask Yourself, 'How Did I Get Here?' (Let's Talk About Privilege, Shall We?)" and it took one read only for me add this post to my list of eye-opening, thought-provoking things one should have read and spend at least five minutes thinking about it because let's face it most of us don't even think about privilege. We just take things for granted, things that aren't actually granted. We don't spend any time thinking about them because we don't have to. We have the privilege not to think about those things and well that's where it all starts. I therefore urge you to take five minutes and read this fantastic blog post. Treat it as some food for thought. I guarantee you, it's a true eye-opener.

Once you have spent some time thinking about the above blog post, head over to @SashaPeakall's fantastic new blog "Evolution of a Dreamer" and read all about just why it's important that us girl spend some time on loving ourselves instead of loathing everything that we think is wrong when we look in the mirror. It's not the easiest thing in the world to do but in all honestly, life's too short for us to spend it picking on all the things wrong with ourselves. I'm not perfect and I'm working on changing things about me but in the meantime I don't waste any energy on hating myself. I've learned - the hard way - that all the energy we waste on being unhappy with ourselves is better spend elsewhere on other things. These days, instead of frowning at myself in the mirror, I to the time to write (or procrastinate about writing!), meeting up with a friend, studying even...whatever takes my fancy.

Next up is the incredibly fabulous @UnbraveGirl who writes extra-ordinary blog posts that never fail to make me smile. I love a good ramble and I love sarcasm = put all that together and throw in some other ingredients and you get the kind of writing I heart  -always have. It's got to be light-hearted but informative as well as easy to read. Sally has a pretty brilliant natural style of writing that is fun to read and easy to enjoy. It was love at first sight! :-) I'd actually like to recommend you two posts and these are "Sinking, Swimming & Staying Afloat: On Writing & Other Near Death Experiences"  and "By Any Other Name: Why I Call Myself A Writer" - it took me a good while to decide (narrowing it down to two posts was hard enough as it is so don't look at me like that, I'm not picking favourites here!) because so far I've found something great, that I really enjoyed, in each and every one of Sally's posts...if you were put all those fabulous posts together you'd get an ace book I'd be happy to lock myself away with. What a coincidence that my favourite UnbraveGirl does actually have a book...an eBook!

Anyway, I've ventured slightly off-topic. The reason I've chosen the two posts I've chosen is because they're about writing and well that's something I can relate to / talk about. I've been doing some form or other of writing ever since I can remember and like every writer I like to do it at my own pace, in my own time. I like to write however I want, when I want and whatever I want. There are plenty of things I write that will never see the light of day but that doesn't make me any less of a writer. I dabble in pretty much anything when it comes to writing, even if it's just for the fun of it. When it comes to writing my heart gets what it wants...always. I relish in pushing my boundaries, it makes writing fun. I've a dream, the dream to write a book. So far it's only a dream (because let's face it you actually need some sort of a brilliant idea before you start writing a book) but nevertheless, it's something that I intend to make come true someday...

So after I've let a bunch of fabulous people do the talking, I'm going to leave you with a little poem I wrote some time ago. I don't usually write poetry but this one was a challenge and I actually kinda like it which is odd because I hardly ever like the outcome of anything poetry-related that I write / have written. I'm happy enough to let you have a peek at this one though. Be nice! :-)

Lost in my own world
I find myself dreaming away
The endless hours of the day

It's my way of getting by
When it all just gets a little too much
Amongst unicorns and golden flowers
That's where I've made my home

Amongst butterflies and the warming summer sun
That's where I sit and dream
That's where you'll find me smiling
Laughing at silly jokes
And chasing memories

Amongst the soft green grass and gurgling streams
That's where I live my life without any sorrows
That's where I'm the happiest

Lost in my own world

© Selly