I read it and I loved it

You know, I've not the faintest idea how to go about writing a book review. I remember having to do it in school a couple of times. Picking the book was a nightmare. Writing the essay to go with it even more so. What I do remember is that on one occasion I reviewed the second Harry Potter book...back then that didn't seem to excite my classmates very much. That was up until I got to the part where I read an excerpt of the book. I picked a part towards the end of the book that was pretty gripping but didn't really give anything of the plot away nor did it ruin the reading experience for anyone who hadn't read the book yet.

Now I'm fully aware that I can't really read out an excerpt of the book (theoretically I could but well let's not go there), I'm about to recommend to you, nor am I in the mood to revisit my school days and write an essay about both the author and the book...so I'm just going to improvise and go with the flow. That usually works best for me.

First up, let me introduce the book I'm talking about. It's called "Any Dream Will Do" (Amazon (includes book and author info) | Easons) and it was written by the wonderful Maria Duffy (Official Twitter Account: @mduffywriter).

♥ My very own copy! 

"Any Dream Will Do" is Maria's debut novel but before I'll tell you about the book, let me tell you a bit about Maria first. That she's fabulous goes without saying. I first "met" Maria on Twitter...ages ago [before Maria was a published author ;-)] so I don't recall who tweeted whom first and/or if someone introduced us but then that isn't really important. What matters is that Maria is lovely. She's funny. She's witty. She's chatty. She's down to earth and has an instantly likeable character (also she likes chocolate and anyone who likes chocolate gets instant plus points in my book). I honestly cannot remember how often she's tweeted something that made me smile or even laugh out loud. A Twitter chat with Maria is never dull. She has a way of drawing people in, leading or joining a conversation that's just marvellous and her Twitter addiction is beyond amusing. She also has an canny talent when it comes to getting celebrities to tweet her and she does it in the most natural and loveable way, her tweets are witty, funny and cheeky and let me tell you it blooming works! So if you are dying for a tweet from your favourite celebrity ask Maria for some tips and tricks ;-)

I was fortunate to meet Maria in person earlier this year. We went to ogle (*cough*listen to*cough*) some lovely Irish boys who go by the name of Westlife at the O2 Dublin. It was Maria's first Westlife concert ever. I made her a promise on Twitter to take her when she caught me marvelling about a Westlife concert I'd been to. She confessed she'd never been to a Westlife gig herself but always wanted to go. I didn't think that was right so we made a deal and well that's how I met Maria and let me tell you she's just as fabulous in real life as she's on Twitter. We got the chance to chat a bit before the show and she mentioned her book and that it had something to do with Twitter. I loved the idea right from the start and I think I even joked that once it was out I wanted a signed copy!

In the days leading up to the release of "Any Dream Will Do" I was beyond excited. The promise of something good to read does that to me. I'm a bookworm through and through. When I get my fingers on a good book everything just pales in comparison. I forget to eat, I don't want to sleep (even when I can barely keep my eyes open) and if you text me good luck trying to get a reply from me because well it ain't going to happen. Don't even try to start a conversation with me, if you're lucky all you get is a death glare and that's already a lot. Usually I don't even react.

Mind, not every book brings out this unsociable side of me but if the book is good, scratch that, if the book is great, then yes. Let me tell you "Any Dream Will Do" is such a book. I devoured it in two days and even though I've read it now every time I glance at it I want to pick it up and read it again. Once I started the book, I couldn't pull myself away for much longer than a few hours at a time. I read it over the Halloween weekend (while visiting a friend in Sligo) and all I can say is, thankfully my friend had to work while I was reading otherwise I'd have been a very rude friend.

Maria has created some very likeable characters in her book. She's kept them real. You can relate to those characters quite easily and you find yourself thinking 'yeah, I've done that' and a few pages on you just want to jump into the book, grab that character and shake them real hard or talk some sense into them. It takes talent to write like that and let me tell you I'm one picky reader. If I like something I'll let you know, I'll recommend it to friends or blog about it but I won't do any of that if I don't like what I've read. You could be my bestest friend and I still wouldn't do that so I can assure you that this book recommendation comes from the heart, I truly mean it. Maria has talent and I'm looking forward to what else she'll produce. I'm quite sure that it will be an interesting, unique idea. So if I have have sparked your interest in "Any Dream Will Do", switch off your television, grab your own copy (links above, you have no excuse!) and maybe some good music, make yourself some tea (don't forget the cookies - you won't want to get up later!), cosy-up and enjoy.

Maria, if you get a chance to read this, thumbs up! You've created something utterly fabulous and you deserve all the accolades coming your way. Enjoy the ride and don't keep that next novel to yourself for too long!