Photography Interview: Meet Lindsay Walker

Photographs are memories for life.

I own a beautiful black-and-white photograph of my great-great-grandmother (There may be a ‘great’ too much here, I’m always confused…please don’t ever ask me to draw a family tree for my family, it’s a disaster waiting to happen!) that was taken the 1870s. The woman in the photograph looks stunning and so does the photograph itself. It looks like it was taken yesterday and the fact that it survived almost 150 years without as much as a scratch is a miracle. It survived the first and second world war unscathed and I don’t even want to think about how many times it was packed up and moved home. It stood in my grandmother’s living room amongst photographs of her loved ones and a photograph from the day that my grandmother married her husband, my grandfather.

A special moment/occasion to remember forever. An amazing dinner that means the world to you, someone special you met or just an embarrassing photograph of you goofing around with your best friend. A place you travelled to, a sunset that blew you away (I have a weakness for those!) … I could continue on forever with this list (considering that I take photos of rocks when they look cool…yes sometimes I too wonder why Google allowed me to register a blog what with all the useless information I inflict on people).

Rest assured today I’m not going to bore you with my wonderful photographs of rocks (they’ll be in a gallery one day and you’ll have to pay loads of cash to see them…your loss!) or family history that I can’t quite get right (embarrassingly enough). I’m not even going to tell you about all the fist fights I got into with my cousins when growing up (Hey, those boys were ruffians with no concept of how to treat a lady right, I had to defend myself somehow!) I’ve something much better for you. I went out into the world and kidnapped* an unsuspecting individual and (yes this gets better…) threatened her that she’d only be set free if she agreed to an interview (What? This is not how reputable journalists do it? Well thanks for telling me that before I committed a crime!).

Said unsuspecting individual goes by the name of Lindsay and she’s actually a pretty talented individual. She has a knack for taking fantastic photographs (she occasionally shoots videos too…) and I’ve enjoyed her work for a long time so decided it was high tide to show you all how awesome Lindsay is (No, I’m not getting paid for plugging her, I’ve not been brainwashed either, she’s just that talented!). Her photographs (She’s published!) are expressive, out of the ordinary and she’s always happy to try out new things and push the boundaries. Lindsay kindly said yes (This was after I kidnapped her!) when I suggested to feature some of her work on my blog and I’ve even managed to get an exclusive interview with this talented young woman (Sorry, Hollywood, you just weren’t quick enough! But I’ll give you a little tip for next time: Snatch that talent up when it’s hot!). So without further ado, I’m handing the reins over to Lindsay.

Meet Lindsay Walker
Selly’s Little World: Hello Lindsay, thanks for agreeing to this interview and to share some of your work. Before we get started, could you introduce yourself in your own words?
Lindsay Walker: My name is Lindsay Walker, I’m 22, from Anglesey and I’m a bit of an oddball.

Twitter: @ScooobieDoo

SLW: I understand that you’re studying at the moment, tell me a little about that.
LW: I am studying Film at University. Photography is not involved on the course, it is something that is self taught and I do it in my spare time. I love editing and the effort that goes into filmmaking and the whole subject fascinates me. I'd like to combine both Photography and Film after University.

SLW: Do you still recall how you got into photography and what drew you in especially?
LW: The only thing I was good at in school was Football, everybody always said I’d be the a female Beckham, but I have a love hate relationship with it so it didn't really work out. I went to Sixth-Form and took two Art A Levels. I had one teacher who opened my mind and let be as creative as possible. I really got into the Photography and Graphic Design side of things, he told me that I was born to do it. I got two B's in my Art A Level so I just stuck with what I was good at.
SLW: Here’s a life lesson for you, if you have a talent don’t let it waste away, not even if you don’t use it professionally like Lindsay does.

SLW: Personally am a big fan of iPhone photography, especially since I got the iPhone 4. I love the idea of just being able to whip out my phone and snap a picture pretty much wherever, whenever. What do you think about the camera and photo quality? Would you compare it to a DSLR camera (online debates about the subject have revealed very heated opinions)?
LW: I love the iPhone 4 camera and in a snap shot situation I know it would never let me down and I'd be happy with the quality. I think as far as 'Point and Shoot' cameras go it could give them a run for their money. I don’t think it compares to a DSLR as much, it lacks the depth at wider angles than a DSLR and obviously there's a quality difference.  I know the iPhone 4S has a major camera update but I can’t really compare it to a DSLR because I haven't tried it. I have seen some sample images and they are shockingly good! I love iPhone Photography, you can be really creative with it in way that you couldn't be with a normal 'Point and Shoot'.

SLW: While on the subject of Apple, the iTunes app store offers some amazing photography apps. You can do almost anything with your photos if you download the right app. My favourite app has got to be Instagram. You recommended it on Twitter at some point and when I tried it out the simplicity of it drew me in. What’s your take on Instagram?
LW: I love Instagram! It gives people who don’t have Software like Photoshop a chance to be more creative with their photos and also you have a whole gallery of your iPhone images that everyone can see and appreciate. What's the point in taking a photo if you’re not going to share it with the world? It’s also quite an advanced app, the quality is unreal, you can add effects that you would get from a DSLR like focus points and also you can change the mood with all the different filters.

SLW: Do you have any helpful suggestions for photography novices? What kind of camera would you suggest to start out with? Preferably one that doesn’t overwhelm you at first glance when you look at the menu.
LW: The best advice I would give is: Learn by doing and don’t be afraid to get in people's faces. Taking a photo is easy, getting the photo takes guts. Just get out and start snapping away. It costs nothing these days, it’s not like you have a limited amount of film if you get a picture wrong or you think it looks rubbish. Just try every setting whilst taking 10 different photos of the same object, that’s what I do now if I’m not sure what a setting does. You have White Balance, Shutter Speeds, Flash, no Flash and a bunch of other new and creative settings to play with. Also, take it off Auto! P is the best for beginners.
My first DSLR was the Nikon D40. It is really light to hold, it’s very small for a DSLR and the settings/layout are very simple. It’s a beginners camera and it is brilliant! Also the Nikon D3100 is a good beginner camera and it has some brilliant reviews but I have never tried it so I can’t really vouch for it.

SLW: What’s the most common mistake made when taking photos? Is there even such a thing as a mistake?
LW: Doubling yourself. You never stop learning, I don't think there are any real mistakes, it’s all about learning.

LW: I love the colors in this picture and I love how natural the kids are in it, it has a real Autumn feel to it which I love.
SLW: You’ve taken some fabulous photos with kids. How do you get them to pose for you until you get the photo you’re happy with? What approach do you use?
LW: I've always felt at ease around kids and I love how impulsive the images can be. I just treat the day with fun and talk to them about nonsense. On some Photoshoots when I’ve been a little bit nervous I've taken a football for them to keep or sweets, just to get them on your side before you even start because there's nothing more stressful if they don't feel comfortable around you. I really just let them be most of the time and just make sure I’m ready and pointing my camera ready to shoot all the time.

SLW: One of my favourite photos out of the ones you've chosen for me to add to this post is the photo of you in the corn field. Tell me more about it.
LW: I had been passing the corn filed for weeks on the way to work and just knew I wanted to get in there to take some pictures. I didn’t know what of, I knew a portrait, but I didn’t have a specific image in mind. I had a sudden panic one morning that if I didn’t get it there today, tomorrow it would be gone. So I took myself along with my Tripod and Camera, jumped over the gate and just set up my Tripod in the easiest place possible. I knew I had to be quick because it was such a busy road and thought I’d get in trouble for Trespassing, hence the title "Trespass". I took about 50 images with my remote control and got the hell out of there. When I got them home on the computer I just felt that they would suit a HDR effect, so in Photoshop I tried some HDR effect, after googling how, and then I added some clouds to the sky. When I saw the image after I'd saved it, I couldn’t believe what I'd done. There's not many images I’m proud of, I’m my own worst critic, but I am SO proud of this one.

SLW: Do you prefer to edit photos after taking them or leave them as they are?
LW: I always edit photos after taking them. Any professional photographer who says that they don't is lying. Editing is just like developing was back in the days of film. I normally adjust some shadows, the sharpness and sometimes, depending on the mood of the picture, I’ll edit some colours.

SLW: Maybe this is a cliché question to ask but if you could chose anyone, dead or alive, whom would you want to photo shoot and why?
LW: Julia Roberts. If I had one hour to photo shoot Julia Roberts, chat and be creative with her? I don’t think I really need a reason, it’s Julia Roberts!

SLW: I’ve a special place here in Ireland where no matter how often I go there I could take a million pictures, it’s always exciting. Do you have such a place? What is it about that place that makes you want to take pictures?
LW: There is a place in Anglesey called Newborough Forest [Google Search Results]. There's a huge forest and a beach on the other side of it, not only is it stunning, it also has an inspiring energy about it and as soon as I leave I’m bursting with creativity.

SLW: How does being behind the camera make you feel? What makes it so special?
LW: It makes me feel like I’m being creative and I guess when other people are happy with the images I’ve taken for them it makes me happy. I'd be heartbroken if I got it wrong and the customer hated what I had done. So I guess I push myself each time to make them better than I did before.

SLW: Do you have a favourite photographer? Somebody whose work you’d like to recommend?
LW: My favourite photographer is Julie Harris. Her work is amazing and something I would love to strive towards in the future, her work is so honest and beautiful. You can check her out here:
SLW: Julie Harris does take some really amazing photographs, thank you for the recommendation, Lindsay.

SLW: If someone wanted to contact you with regards to your photography, how would they go about?
LW: My photography email address is:

SLW:  Last but not least, in a nutshell…photography is?
LW: I haven’t worked that one out yet!
SLW: Thanks again for this interview, Lindsay, you are definitely my personal photographer of choice. Keep up the awesome work.

LW: This was taken indoors, I had this image in my mind for weeks. The floor shot is my back garden and I Photoshoped my legs on the top. I love how intriguing it is.

LW: This was the first photoshoot I did and the first proper time I'd used a DSLR, it wasn’t very hard because she was such a little poser. I’m still quite proud of this one because it made it into the Photography Monthly magazine. 

LW: This was taken for a Band called Rosary, they are really great guys and their music is pretty darn awesome at the moment. It was taken in an abandoned warehouse, and I found this shoot a little stressful even if I didn't show it on the day. It was a BIG risk getting into the warehouse and all the boys were pretty rowdy... as boys are. I sat down with them the week before the shoot to chat with them and they had some vivid images of what they wanted in mind so I was sweating a bit to get the shoot right.

LW: This is my brother's girlfriend, Rose. It was take in Newborough Forest and the best thing about it is this patch of grass was on the most awkward hill, but you would never tell. I love how Photography can be so deceiving at times, Rose also looks stunning in it and I just love the focus points through the tall grass.

*Closing Note: Of course Lindsay was not kidnapped, bribed or in any way assaulted for the purpose of this interview. She did so out of her own free will and has not received a fee for her time although I owe her a dinner and drinks.