Chinese Music, Pt 5

If you have been following my Chinese Music blog series you may remember that, apart from forcing yet another Wang Leehom 王力宏 song on you (you love them, just admit it already!), I also introduced some up-tempo C-POP tunes, ideal for dancing, working out, driving, partying, etc. in my previous post. In the spirit of this I'd like to shine the spot light on one particular artist in this post. Meet: Show Luo, my latest C-POP obsession that is here to stay. Yes, folks, I have fallen hard and fast, head over heels in love with this cheeky, handsome, talented young man. 

罗志祥 (Traditional:  羅志祥)
Show Luo (Mandarin Pinyin: Luó Zhīxiáng) is a Taiwanese singer and TV show host. He was born in July (30th) 1979 with presently makes him 32 years old. Really! I kid you not and yes the above photo is from a 2011 photo-shoot. Whatever genes that man has, I want them! The fact that he looks like 17 genuinely makes it hard for me to admit that he's pretty darn good looking (他是個真帥哥!/ Tā shìgè zhēn shuàigē!). He's a cheeky sod, who is pretty down to earth, doesn't shy away from telling the truth and you just wait until you see the dance moves that he's got. He's been dubbed "Asia's Dance King" (亞洲舞王 / yàzhōu wǔwáng), a title he himself doesn't really like as it puts so much pressure on him (Aww! / 加油,你很棒!). He's pretty modest in that department but like I said, wait until you see him dance, he really does have talent.

You will find that Show often introduces himself 小猪 (Xiǎo Zhū). Yes, he really doesn't mind being called "Little Pig", in fact it is his nickname and fans call him that all the time...he will respond when addressed with this name.

Before we get stuck into the music, here's some info about the man himself, we'll combine this with a little lesson in Chinese, and I mean little because I'm by no means an expert and until I am I will leave the teaching up to those who really do know their stuff.

We already know that Show's Chinese name (中文名 / Zhōngwén Míng) is 罗志祥 (Traditional: 羅志祥 / Pinyin: Luó Zhīxiáng) and that his English name (英文名 / Yīngwén Míng) is Show Luo/Lo, spelling varies. Additionally his English name is Alan, although I've not really seen anyone use this name, most English-speaking people / fans refer to him as Show.

His nickname (绰号 / chuòhào) is 小猪 (Xiǎo Zhū) which translates into Little Pig, this we also already know. Apparently he was a bit chubby as a kid so he got that name. If you ask me it fits excellently with 小南瓜 which is my nickname, don't you think?

What else? Well, he's really fortunate when it comes to his job or occupation (职业 / zhíyè) - he's got three and they are: 演员 (actor / yǎnyuán), 节目主持人 (TV presenter / jiémù zhǔchírén) and 歌手 (singer / gēshǒu).

If you'd like keep tabs on Show, you can do so by checking out his official Sina Weibo 新浪微博 / Xīnlàng Wēibó here. Since Show's from Taiwan, it's is all in Traditional Chinese though.

~~ some intriguing facts ~~

1) When you turn up to a Show Luo signing event, you are guaranteed to get an autograph, Show himself has vowed this on numerous occasions and he has stuck to this rule for years, according to him this is his way of showing that he doesn't take his fans for granted. He feels bad that his fans wait for hours and hours on end only to be told that they can't get an autograph because Show has already left. This promise has resulted in Show signing autographs until 2am in the night, for 14 hours straight. They had to get a masseuse in because the poor bloke got muscle cramps from signing so much. 

It has also resulted in Show losing his temper (watch the clip here, English subtitles) when a venue in Hong Kong promised him he would be able to sign until all his fans got autographs but then insisted on cutting the event short when Show had pleased the majority of his fans. Show got so mad that he stormed out of the venue and proceeded to sign autographs for his fans while sat in his car in the car park. On another occasion, Show took money out of his own pocket to rent a meeting room at a hotel to finish a signing. I take my hat off to you, Mr Lo.

2) Show likes to mess around and kiss boys on television for fun. He's the least bit squeamish about doing a "safe kiss" (usually this means the lips of the two parties involved won't connect as they use paper or plastic or something) with another guy much to the amusement of everyone around him but generally takes a hike after the kiss, pretending to look super-disgusted. Show will also most likely cheat when doing a "safe kiss" and dodge the barrier. Below is a clip of Show with his co-presenter 小鬼 (Little Ghost/Imp / Xiǎo Guǐ) Anything you'd like to tell us, Show? ;-)

It is sufficient to say that when in front of a camera, Show get's up to plenty of mischief. He's a joker through and through so if you ever feel down, hit YouTube and watch some funny clips of the nonsense the man get's up to. I once again I have to say I find it hard to believe his boy (for boys will always be boys) really is 32 years old. He most definitely doesn't behave his age, not that I mind at all!

3)  Show is very, very filial to his mother - filial piety (孝順 / xiàoshùn) and the two of them have a very good relationshop from what you can see from the television shows they've attended together as well as the way Show talks about his mother. It actually reminds me about my dad a lot...makes me wonder whether Show argues with his mum as much as I argue with my dad only to tell her five minutes later that he loves her forever and ever. I do love my bickering sessions with my dad, they're always fun, except that he always wins but then again he's my dad so he gets away with murder.

Anyways, there is plenty more stuff I could tell you about 小猪 but I promised you music, and music you shall get.

First off, a true tear jerker. The song is the title soundtrack (主题曲 / Zhǔtíqū) to a Taiwanese GTV TV-drama series called "The Outsiders II" (斗鱼 / 鬥魚 / dòuyú). Show had a part in the drama and contributed this incredibly sad song to the soundtrack.

歌名: 灰色空间 (灰色空間 / Huīsè Kōngjiān / Grey Dimension)
专辑: Expert Show (達人Show / Dárén Show)

If you'd like to keep keep crying for a little while longer, I have another ballad for you, this one has a really sad MV, though Show himself complained that it does not make much sense to him. That aside, the video contains a little treat, so just ignore the fact that the video makes little sense and focus on the treat.

歌名: 怕安静 (怕安靜 / Pà Ānjìng / Silence Phobia)
专辑: Only For U 独一无二 (獨一無二 / Dúyīwú'èr)

And that's the last of those tear jerkers. There is another one that I could torture you with but I really won't so swiftly moving on...

You may vaguely remember that Show's other nickname is "Asia's Dance King". Well let's show it then, Mr. Lo. Move that sexy body of yours and shows us what you can do! Without further ado, the title track of Show's latest album!

歌名: Only U 独一无二 (獨一無二 / Dúyīwú'èr)
专辑: Only U 独一无二 (獨一無二 / Dúyīwú'èr)

Switch to HD view to really enjoy this one!

Next up we have the very song that gave Show the title of "Asia's Dance King" - watch him do a dance battle with a little boy at the start of the MV, both performances are pretty darn mind-blowing. The song is also a pretty funky up-tempo song, so turn up the volume and get off that had too much Christmas food and sweets anyway!

歌名: 精舞门 (精舞門 / Jīng Wǔmén / The Dance Gate)
专辑: Speshow 国王遊戏 (國王遊戲 / Guówáng Yóuxì)

Just in case you were wondering, Asia's Dance King can sing live and dance...he has proven so most recently at the MTV Taiwan from 4.41 onwards if you do not want to see Show accepting the two awards he received.

And last but not least, here's a little bit of a sweet and funny MV for a song where Show goes a little bit Michael Jackson on us and trust me, he does not disappoint, that man truly can dance.

歌名幸福猎人 (幸福獵人 / Xìngfú Lièrén / Happiness Hunter)
专辑: Speshow 国王遊戏 (國王遊戲 / Guówáng Yóuxì)

It's Christmas so I am feeling extra generous, here's another brilliant dance track for you to enjoy and that's the last MV I'm sharing in this Chinese Music blog series so consider this my exit music. *dances away*

歌名一枝獨秀 One Man Show (一枝獨秀 / Yīzhīdúxiù)
专辑: Show Your Dance (舞所不在 / Wǔsuǒ Bùzài)

歌名爱的主场秀 (愛的主場秀 / Àide Zhǔchǎng Xiù / Love's Main Show / The Leading Role)
专辑: 罗生门 (羅生門 / Luóshēngmén / Rashomon / Lover's Puzzle)