Leaving On A Jet Plane

The plane touched down on the runway so gently that I only realised we had landed when I the force of the pilot applying the brakes pulled me out of my seat. Blinking a few times, I scrunched up by face. My ears still hurt. I stretched to relax my legs and frantically resumed chewing on my chewing gum in the hope it would help make my ears pop. Leaning forward I glanced out of the small window next to my seat. My first glance at Hong Kong. Well, Hong Kong airport, really. The airfield was crawling with humans, planes, cars, buses and all sorts of other vehicles. It was busy, definitely busy. Leaning back again, I loosened my seat-belt somewhat and told myself to relax.

I don't know if I should be sleeping at this stage or pacing up and down, making mental lists to make sure I've really packed all I've been meaning to pack. Have I really thought of everything? I probably didn't. Thinking of everything really isn't me, I'm a scatter-brain. I'm tempted to get out of bed again and check my suitcase one last time but my bed is just a little too comfortable and I have only just managed to warm up my feet. Have I ever mentioned that I hate having cold feet? I mean actually having cold feet, not the kind of cold feet where you act like a chicken and beat around the bush for ages before you complete a simple but possibly daunting task. Then again whether I hate having cold feet or not really isn't what you may consider as useful information. Swiftly moving on.

I penned the above paragraph at work (while on my lunch break naturally!) the other day while thinking about my arrival in Hong Kong. Tomorrow is the big day. Tomorrow I'm finally flying to Hong Kong to enjoy that holiday I started planning some eight months ago. Well, strictly speaking the big day is today since it's already past midnight. I was going to write this blog on Thursday evening or Friday evening but I've successfully managed to busy myself with other things. No, for a change I wasn't procrastinating though I don't blame you for thinking that. I do love procrastinating. It's something I'm quite good at and it would be a right shame to give up on something I'm actually apt at. This time however, I was actually busy. Really busy. I had places to go, things to buy, people to see, phone calls to make, documents to print, dumplings to eat, a suitcase to pack...to name but a few. I also had a pretty special visitor over the weekend and while I do occasionally dump my guests in front of the television to give me a little bit of peace, I have yet to go as far as throw them out in favour of writing a blog post.

Anyways, this time tomorrow I will be some 10,000 kilometres up in the sky, curled up and fast asleep in my seat on a big British Airways Airbus. That, at least, is the plan. In reality I will probably be squashed between two people, somewhat grumpily watching a movie and hopefully sipping a coffee while I impatiently count down the hours until the plane lands and I can move more than one limb at a time. This is my first long haul flight in a pretty long time so I'm somewhat out of practice, not that I ever really had the chance to start practicing properly. I'm pretty apt at short haul flights, I've got my routine (which includes being notoriously late with my arrival at the airport) down to a tee. It usually includes either sleeping or reading. We'll see how well I do with being stuck inside a plane for twelve hours. I'll be sure to let you all know upon my return and if you're all really nice, I'll share loads of pretty photographs from my holiday.

So, on that note, adios (I should really say 再見 here!)! I'll catch up with you all upon my return. Unless of course I'll find a handsome Chinese man to marry (I'm not too fussy but either Show Luo or Wang Leehom will do) or keel over and die. Ideally I hope to avoid the latter since I've no idea if they have internet over on the other side.

Without further ado:


  1. haha, I also hate it when my feet are cold.
    I see a yellow arrow coming out of Taïwan, are you ending up going there as well?

    Well, enjoy your trip! :)

    1. My feet are cold again…had to get up to brush my teeth. :-/ Nope, not going to Taiwan this time around. I really wish I was but there will be a next time, I'm sure. ;)


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