Food in China Pt 1 - Hong Kong

I'm still slacking when it comes to writing the posts about my China experience. I think by the time I've finished publishing all the posts, my fish and I will be married and I guess by the time I'll have finished sharing our wedding with you I'll be about to give birth to our first child...

I'd originally planned to spend all of July posting about my China holiday but I chose to prioritise my studies and it was well worth all the effort.

I am pleased to tell you all that I am now a fully qualified ESL teacher - no more assignments that need to be written and send of for grading. It's all done! I've officially been declared competent to teach English as a Second Language.

On a less positive note, my life took somewhat of an unexpected tumble at the end of July and I've been busy looking for a job since. I'm not quite back on my feet yet, but I'll get there one way or another. I have a bunch of experience under my belt and I'm bilingual in English and German - that sort of thing is a good asset to have, especially in Ireland. Besides, as they say, hope dies last. If you however need a secretary and would like to hire me I'm happy to forward you my resume.

Now, less of the talking and more of the photos. While in China, I ate a lot of amazing food. Whenever I wasn't busy looking at things, talking to my friends or kissing my fish I was busy eating my way through Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing and taking as many pictures of the food as possible. Sometimes I quite frankly forgot though because the food was just too delicious and I had to dig in, wasting time on taking the perfect picture would have been a crime.

How I didn't balloon up to double of my current weight is beyond me! Although, I'm sure walking around all day, every day, did help. Also, I'm pretty sure I didn't actually eat as much as I keep saying I did.

Anyway, let's start this series off with the food I had in Hong Kong. I must admit, I'm struggling to remember the names of the dishes as my friends did most of the ordering and I let them. I know my Hong Kong friends, when they order food the outcome is always amazing!

Ice cream with fresh food

Fresh Mango pancakes

A happy camper!

Fresh water melon - need I say more?

Fried Wontons

A side dish, pickled onions, quite lovely.

Steamed buns with egg stuff inside

Really tasty tea!

I think those were some sort of dumplings

These are definitely dumplings

Chicken feet - a must on my Dim Sum menu

Yum! Yum! Yum!

So good.

Seefood soup.

Lobster, people. I had lobster. First time ever!

Birthday buns.

Sweet soup that came with the birthday buns.

Meat (beef, I think) some spicy sauce and some veg

More fried wontons

Not a cocktail but almost, fresh lime iced drink

Milk Tea!

Yep, definitely a happy camper

Okay, so I know this isn't food but ice-cold water after a day out in the scorching heat, well you don't know how lovely this is.

Taiwanese snack at Lantau Island

Trying to eat homemade Zongzi while taking the Star Ferry

Temple Street Menu

Oyster Omelet, Temple Street - just looking at it makes me want to eat it. 

Snails. Yes, I ate them.

A couple of the dishes my friends ordered

Tender pork with veggies.

Some sort or other of delicious rice

Squid. Yes, I ate that too.Yum.

More rice, this time with some chicken.

Barbecued pork, Tai-O village 

Unfortunately I didn't manage to photograph any of the breakfast I had because I was too occupied eating it and too distracted by my friends and the explosion of unusual but amazing tastes in my mouth.

Hong Kong was the place where I fell in love with this, for example:

皮蛋瘦肉粥 (Congee with thin pork stripes and century egg)

Pineapple buns, picture courtesy of Google search. These were so delicious that one morning I insisted on eating two of them and I would have eaten a third and forth and so on if all the other stuff hadn't been equally as delicious.
I hope you've enjoyed this journey and if you're hungry now, well you're not alone, I am too! By the way, if you've been to Hong Kong, what was your favourite dish?

Stay tuned for the second part, with food from Mainland China!


  1. I'm so happy that you actually ate chicken's feet, snails, and century egg!

    I love them too and sometimes it makes me sad when Westerners (and even Chinese who grew up in the West!) act revolted by it.

    So it's very refreshing and heart-warming to see someone else who's open to at least try it :)

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed this post.

      Actually, chicken feet have become my favourite dish ever. It's a must when we go out to eat. At first I was hesitant but I tried them and loved them. With the century egg it was actually a whole different story. I swore I'd never eat them, but when I first tried century egg I didn't actually know what I was eating until I'd finished eating it. It helped a lot. My Chinese teacher uses that method to introduce loads of amazing new foods to me. I don't want to be put off by the name of a dish, I just want to eat it with an open mind.

  2. Chicken feet is actually quite tasty. I also had pig's ear and pig's blood. I even had chicken butt! haha. I don't mind snail but I don't usually order them due to saftey reasons. In street vendors in Taiwan, they fry them very quickly and sometimes the parasites are still there. =/

    Good for you for being open-minded, though!


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