Celebrating The Mid-Autumn Festival With KTV And Other Tales

It's the Mid-Autumn Festival today. My friends over in China have either gone to see their families or fled the scene to enjoy a holiday somewhere. My fish is busy doing erm...something, I'm not quite sure what it is he's doing. I just know that he wasn't one of the lucky ones to go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival. He's stuck at work. He does have a few days off so he should get a chance to enjoy himself, I hope. Knowing him he's probably out with his mates...men are all the same after all. I'd rather have my fish here or be there to enjoy the time with him...alas, I have to wait a while longer until I'll see him again.

Meanwhile, to console myself, I've taken a somewhat unconventional approach to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节) or Mooncake (月饼) Festival as it's also called.

I've had a week filled with celebrations actually. It all started last Saturday with a trip to the Oktoberfest at the IFSC Dublin. The weather was lovely, the food was great and the company was equally as amazing. Time practically flew by and looking back it seems like I spent the entire day laughing. My cheeks and belly hurt so much but I was on cloud number 99! Not a bad way to spend a day...expating in Ireland is fun when you're out and about having fun with friends.

After successfully recovering from my trip to the Oktoberfest, not that I actually had to recover all that much... I was busy preparing for an anniversary dinner (or Chinese banquet, as I prefer to refer to it) with my lovely Chinese Teacher. We decided to celebrate the first anniversary of the first time we had class together and enjoyed a lush dinner which lasted about four hours. If you ask me that's just about the appropriate time for a dinner when you're surrounded by great company and have tons to talk about! Every corner of our table was filled with food, naturally all Hong Kong style food, and we ate until we were ready to explode... we should have asked the waiter to roll us out of the restaurant! Gifts were exchanged, memories recalled, we had an honest heart-to-heart or two. We laughed, laughed some more and laughed even more.

Amongst the presents I got (a Chinese calligraphy set with paint and brushes that I'm on one hand dying to try to try out and on the other hand afraid to use) was also a mooncake, my very first mooncake.

Pictures get the message across so much better than words do, don't they? It's a gorgeous mooncake, isn't it? I also got a 1000-treasure box from my lovely Chinese teacher. You know the kind of box your grandmother used to keep under the bed and sometimes she'd take it out and show you old pictures and little bits and pieces she collected over the years? What do you mean your grandmother never did that? You so need a 1000-treasure box!

I'm not yet sure what exactly will go into my 1000-treasure box but I will definitely have a good think about what to put into my box for safe-keeping. I'm sure I can find something worthy of going into that box...watch this space, in approximately 60 years time I will write a blog post to reveal the contents of said box.

Now...with the mooncake sorted, I've the perfect introduction to stir this blog post back to it's actual topic: The Mid-Autumn Festival.

Like I said, I've never celebrated it before so I'm not exactly an expert on what you should and shouldn't be doing. According to my Chinese boyfriend, you meet family and friends, eat dinner, drink, eat mooncake, watch the full moon...

Then again even for a novice like me it doesn't take much to guess that a big part of the Mid-Autumn Festival is eating mooncake. I'm still eating mine and will probably continue to do so for the rest of the day. It is very sweet so I can't just wolf it down. Also, I have some bread to bake, well actually my oven is supposed to do the baking, which it presently is actually doing, so please people, be so kind to cross your fingers for me that what I'm trying to produce will actually be edible.

Anyway, back to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival. Since today is a Sunday the best day for a lengthy celebrations was yesterday. My friend was so kind as to organise the whole thing. Who would've known that Ireland actually has proper KTV Bars! I'd say soon enough we'll have a real Chinatown. Apple's new maps app was a bit quick in labelling all of D1 as Chinatown but I'm not complaining. If there are dumplings and other delicious Chinese foods then I'm a happy camper, that's common knowledge.

Just look at some of the delicious dishes we had last night! Isn't that just simply mouth-watering? In no particular order...I sincerely hope that you'll be green with envy!

Congratulations, if you're still reading on after looking at all the lush foots, you have probably:

-not taken offence about the fact that I wrote I hope you'll be green with envy
-you are offended and want to see if I have any more insults in store (just for your information, I don't actually tend to insult my readers, I just like to make them jealous)
-you are offended and want to leave a comment for me to tell me I should apologise
-you are dying to have some of the food and want to ask me where you can have it (in which case I'd be mean and respond "I ain't telling you...nanana..." - I wouldn't really...scroll to the end of the this post)
-other reason

Now please take two minutes to think about your answer and leave it in the comments. If you settled for "other reason" please elaborate!

By the way, eating to our heart's content wasn't the only thing we did last night, we also did some serious KTV singing...the title of my blog post should've given that away... We put together a great mix of English, Chinese and Cantonese songs. It was a whole lot of fun...who would have thought that with a little bit of help from my Chinese teacher and Chinese friends I would actually manage to read the traditional Chinese characters on the screen and sing along. My KTV cherry has most definitely been popped and in style too. I'm not a fan of what people over here understand under going out to sing KTV but I'm most definitely a big fan of doing it the Chinese way. Booking a private room, sharing a meal with your friends and singing your heart out is just about what I would file under 'perfect night out'.

I do realise that going out for a spot of KTV may not be everyone's cup of tea but we had (for the most part) really lovely staff, great food, an amazing atmosphere and of course loads to talk and laugh about. This is why I think last night was just about perfect. I'm not a fan of a night out where the sole purpose is to get wasted. Thankfully I chose my friends well, we all believe that there are finer things in life to enjoy than to get wasted on a Friday or Saturday night. A few drinks? Sure. But we don't need to get drunk to have fun. In fact the strongest drink served last night was tea, delicious Chinese tea.

Oh, and in case you were hoping for any embarrassing photos of me with a microphone (or maybe a video of me singing) forget it. What happens in a KTV room stays in a KTV room! If you'd like to find out what went on you'll just have to join in next time.

Seven Stars Chinese Restaurant 七星大酒楼

52 Capel Street
Dublin City Centre North
Tel.: +353 1 8727 934

Open till late 7 days a week.

More details here.

Food: Very good, very authentic.
Staff: Very friendly, with one exception.
Location: Very conveniently located in city centre.
Price: Very reasonable. We had a mimium charge of 80€ for the room but with 7 people and a proper dinner we managed that easily. Our bill was under 120€ which devided equally is very reasonable for a great night out.

If singing is not your thing, you can just have dinner, big tables are available for a group of friends to meet, eat, chat, laugh and drink.


  1. Happy Mid-Autumn festival! That's a good looking selection of foods, but what's the fried spiky thing covered in red sauce?

    1. That is deep-fried fish covered with a sweet and sour sauce. To my understanding they take out bits of the fish, deep-fry them and then sculpture this finished product, which is utterly delicious.

  2. I am glad to read that you had a fabulous mid-autumn festival. :)


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