A Load Of Cute

This is my 90th blog post. I've clearly rambled a lot since I started this blog... You just wait until I actually get to China, I'm sure I'll find loads more things to write about. Wuhan is a pretty cool place.

I am thinking about changing the blog a little (or a lot) to give it a new face for my epic China adventure but I don't think I could ever part with Selly's Little World. I've always wanted my own little world and now that I have it, I don't want to let go. Plus there are so many awesome people who come to this blog and leave loads of sweet comments that make my day.

We'll see. I've no plans just yet but that doesn't mean I won't find some inspiration at the last minute.

Before I'll go entirely off topic, like I usually do, back to my 90th blog post. 

We've a large pond with a fountain in front of our apartment building and for the last couple of years we have some very special guests in the summer. Some two or three years ago a duck family decided to make this pond their home and have little ducklings and now they come back every year. They are a welcome attraction, especially for all the children that come to visit the Dublin's Children Museum.

Mind you, we adults love the ducklings too. They are simply too cute and I'd love to kidnap Mama Duck, Papa Duck and their five gorgeous little ducklings and keep them in my bathtub. If I could I would spend all day in my bathroom just watching the little ducklings. Sadly I think Mama and Papa duck would never let me get away with taking them and their kids and forcing them to relocate. So instead I find myself wandering out to the pond to watch the little ducklings play in the water. Ever so often Mama will call them and then they immediately swim over to wherever she is. A mother duck's parenting skills are to be admired.

So, without further ado, here are some photos of those gorgeous ducklings for you. If you don't aww and ooh, well then you have no heart. There's nothing cuter than baby ducklings!

While you enjoy those photos, I'm running down to the pond to get another peek at the little cuties before they are off to bed for the night.

Yes, even duckling siblings fight!

Mama's calling!

I wonder if I can find some bread crumbs...

Quack, Quack, it's such a lovely sunny day.

Time for the morning bathroom routine

When I grow up, I want to be a model.

I love swimming!

I'm not quite sure what this one might be thinking so I'm inviting all of you to share your ideas.