1, 2, 3... Action, Let's Go: Halloween Party Review

With all the things I've been up to in the last few days I've enough material to fill three or four blog posts. I've a bunch of pictures to share with you, so instead of using a lot of grand words I'm going to let the pictures do the talking.

Let's start with the Halloween party my school threw for all our students, then we shall move on to another blog post about a lovely day out with friends and last but not least let's finish things with an unplanned evening of fun because let's face it, these kind of evenings are the best kind of evenings.

Also all good things come in sets of three and what with it being my day off I have enough time to write and post loads of lovely pictures.

My school throws a Halloween party for our students every year and judging by the pictures I've seen from last year's party it seemed like everyone had a blast. This year's party was however a lot more fun. We had more decorations, more costumes, more students and a lot of fun games. Everyone really enjoyed themselves and we even extended the party because we didn't want to rush things. We wanted to let everyone enjoy the games and treats and boy they did. Some of the students really lid up. Some needed some more encouragement but they were game and didn't just sit in the corner refusing to participate. 

My fellow teacher snapped some pretty brilliant videos of all the different games we planned and none of the students were spoilsports. Everyone participated and even our student consultants and local teachers joined into the games. Granted, I actually needed to drag them to the social area but once there they threw caution into the wind and joined into the games. When it came to organising the party and decorating our social area and the rest of the school everyone pulled their weight. It's astonishing how willing my male students are to help me when I give them a gentle shove towards the social area and tell them I need a helping hand with arranging the tables and chairs.

Enough of the words though, here are some pictures for you. They'll do the talking.

I have to add one thing though. Even though our centre is the head centre, in the sense that the HR staff and all all the other behind-the-scenes-people are located at our centre, it's just like a big family. We joke and laugh, scare each other, tease the students, and chase each other down the corridors. If you need help with something you just need to ask, you can always find someone who has five minutes.

I speak a lot of Chinese with the staff but they always try to improve their English and most of them are really thankful when you correct them. My students know better than to try and speak Chinese in school or class with me though. It doesn't get them anywhere because I will pretend to be deaf. After school they do try and that's when I give in. I could tell you stories about what happens on the elevator ride from the 35th floor down to the ground floor...

Sometimes when you're teaching students, who only just started learning English, throwing in the one or other Chinese word will help them along much faster. It also boosts their confidence. I do not let my students use the phone or dictionary in class as I'm their go-to-person, so some students feel a little bit worried that they won't be able to follow. They are slowly realising that my rules are not all that bad though. One of my students can barely introduce herself in English but she always joins my social classes because she likes a challenge (apparently she also likes me!). As a teacher this makes me happy, she's trying and there's nothing more I could ask for. I always tell my students to just try, that's more than enough.

I also tend to sneak up on my students when they are sitting around, chatting away in Chinese, and reprimand them for it. Lately I've started threatening extra home work. So far they think I'm joking but they know I can be pretty serious if they push me too far. I do take away their phones when they play with them in class and occasionally I also place them somewhere high up where the students can't reach them. Works like a treat.

Like I said, we're just a big family really.

Here are two of our local teachers and two students, all dressed up to join the Halloween party.

Our marketing manager stole my hat and posed with our head receptionist, the little pumpkin. Both ladies are really lovely, sweet and super helpful.
One of my students dressed up in a scary surgeon's costume and I chased him down to pose with me. He's a lovely and cheeky guy. Great fun and always available for a laugh.
I post with our head receptionist at the entrance to the school until the girl in charge of online marketing came along to post all the pictures on our school's official Sina Weibo account. Here's to my 15 minutes of fame.
More pumpkins and the school's resident black widow.

Posing with some of my lovely students.

"Pass the ball, don't use our hands." Is what we told our students. We had three teams (eight students/employees each) competing against each other, the fastest team took 15 seconds to pass the ball from the first student to the last student. This game was met with much laughter and the students were very competitive.
"Paint the balloon, don't pierce it." Two of my students practically begged me into joining their team. Sadly we didn't win, let's blame it on the fact that I'm totally artistically challenged. Drawing anything is totally not my forte. My students did the drawing but we didn't really have enough time to transform the balloon into a proper pumpkin with a ghost shape cut into it. Still it was fun. Our team was the only team who managed not to pierce their balloon, all the other teams used two or three balloons to complete the challenge.
More friendly black widow/witch and pumpkin love.

Two of my students trying to pass the ball from one person to the next without dropping it.

More pass the ball action...

One of our local tutors, she drew the amazing make-up around her eyes herself. It looked super amazing. I couldn't do that, then again I really am artistically challenged. Drawing/painting is not my cup of tea, never has been and never will be.
Our lovely receptionist pumpkins Tina and Lucy posing at their desks.

The witches of Salem. ;-) I roped one of our local teachers and one of our local tutors into posing with me. We will start to film the first season of the Chinese remake of Charmed pretty soon.
One of our local teachers who dressed up as Cleopatra. Sadly Halloween was her last working day which is sad because she's a really lovely girl.

I don't really remember when this photo was taken, I had a camera in my face every other minute but that's okay. The students are usually too shy to ask for a photo with the foreign teacher so they use a party as an excuse. Whatever makes them happy.
Our online marketing gal in charge of our Sina Weibo account. Lovely girl.

One of our receptionists, who had to act as a waitress and serve the drinks, and her boyfriend. Sadly she also celebrated her last day, she's going back to school. I'm not a fan of people leaving, especially when they're fun to be around.

After the party I was on a bit of a high, it was an absolute blast. This just goes to show that you don't always need to go for dinner and then go to KTV to have a good time. A good party with some well-prepared party games (kudos go entirely to my colleague who is American and knows what he's doing) and a few snacks and drinks is just as much fun, if not more.