I Lost 35kg And I'm Damn Well Gonna Brag About It

You know what,  I deserve some credit, a lot actually. 

I spent most of this year losing weight and I actually did a pretty good job. I'm down to a weight I haven't seen in years. I honestly don't remember the last time I weight as much (I should say AS LITTLE) as I do now. I also don't remember when I last felt as good as I do now. Buying clothes is not as big a struggle anymore and a couple of weeks ago I treated myself to some gorgeous jeans which I found on Taobao. I've also enjoyed the one or other shopping trip here in Wuhan, found a warm and comfortable coat, shirts and warm winter jumpers, gorgeous lingerie and pyjamas.

I won't ever go back to the way I looked before.
Despite wearing winter clothes in both pictures, I think the change is quite obvious. My face no longer looks like a pancake anymore. It had a nice shape and so does my figure. It's not perfect but some guys seem to like what they see for they give me an obvious once over on the street. Now, there is only one guy in this world, who's opinion actually matters to me, and that is my fish, but the feeling that other guys are looking at me - even if it's just with curiosity because I'm a foreign girl in China - is nice.

Posing for picture is fun when you're feeling sexy.
You know, losing weight isn't actually all that easy. You know why? Because of all the shit, yes I'm going to be blunt here, that's out there. All the pills and powders and drinks and whatnot you're supposed to buy and use just so you can fit into that gorgeous summer dress you've always wanted.

It's a load of bullshit!

I don't believe any of it and I don't care how many fake doctors tell me it's good for me. I don't believe in any crazy diets and mad hunger cures. It's just designed to make you lose a little weight so you get a taste of what it's like. Then, when they have you hooked, you end up spending a ton of money on some stupid crap that doesn't do a thing for your health. Well it might do one thing, it'll ruin your health.

A snapshot to show of my new hair style.
If you're looking to lose some weight, let me tell you one thing straight up: I don't have a magic cure for you. All I can tell you is to get up and do some exercise. Also, change your diet and change it for good. Don't go hungry and by all means DO NOT believe in all the crap today's TV shows, fashion magazines and internet advertisements are trying to tell you. It's all a lie. They don't care about you or whether you lose weight, what they care about is getting your money and getting a lot of it.

I'll be honest with you, I was tempted, very tempted. I wanted to buy some magic pills and magic powder, they told me just what I wanted to hear. They told me I'll be beautiful and sexy and gorgeous. I wasn't ugly before, just fat. So I closed the website and blocked it. Instead I did it my own way.

Before you get the wrong idea, I haven't suddenly won the lottery. That money belongs to my friend, he just let me take a cheeky picture with it.
Losing weight needs some iron determination and the will not to give up when you gain a kilo. Just shrug your shoulders and move on. I didn't go crazy on exercise but I love to dance and I try to dance as much as possible. I also try to eat healthy. I do treat myself to some chocolate and other sweet things but I've learned to say no when people offer me sweet things. I try to drink loads of tea, there are some great Chinese teas to help you lose weight. Actually, that's a lie. The teas don't help you to lose weight but they are good for your body, they are full antioxidants which give your body a good scrub from the inside out. They make you feel good and combined with some exercise, a healthy diet and regularly getting a good night's sleep you are on the right track.

I cook almost every day, the exception would be Sunday when I have the early shift and can't be bothered to prepare any food. Also, I can be rather lady on my day off.
So, the only magic tip I have for you is find the iron will to lose weight. Also, don't set yourself of a goal of wanting to lose say 50kg. You'll give up before you're even halfway there. Even 10kg is too big a goal. It's a threatening number. Take a small number like 1kg or 2kg. You'll reach your goal much faster.

Shopping with friends is fun, especially when you finally have a bunch of clothes to chose from.
On another note, all the clothes that are too big for your to wear, toss them in the bin. The worst thing you can do is keep them for a rainy day. I didn't care how gorgeous those jeans were or how fabulous that blouse was, for me there was no going back. If it's too big it's going in the bin. Buying new clothes, one size or two sizes smaller than before does awesome things to your self confidence and your iron will. I don't regret spending money on new things. When you are successful at something you deserve a reward and there is nothing sweeter than zipping up those size 18 (my own example) jeans you never thought you'd ever fit into again.

I lost 35kg and I'm looking good so I'm damn well going to brag about it.

Proudly showing off my new winter coat which does fabulous things for my figure.