I'm A Terrible Blogger...

...so I'm offering you a kiss and a cake to make up for my silence:

This past week. I came down with a nasty bout of the flu last week and had some 40 degrees fever. A trip to the hospital and a night on a drip cured that but I don't think I will ever complain about an average head cold ever again.

I never had the flu before, this was the first time and I really hope it was also the last time. I felt serious miserable. Like I had no energy whatsoever, even going to the toilet felt like climbing Mt Everest. Sure a cold is nasty and makes you feel bad but apparently the flu will just knock you out, I was flat out in bed for two and a half days and lost 4kg. 

When I did finally manage to drag myself to work the 20 minute walk from my home to the school took me some 40 minutes - ridiculous I know. I'm surprised I managed to make sense of anything at school and teach my students, I really did feel like I'd been hit by a train. Thankfully the fish came to the rescue on Monday evening and a night of cuddles and kisses gave me plenty of stamina to fight off the remainder of this pesky flu.

I'm now over the worst and while I'm not yet to top shape I'm slowly getting here. I don't look like a dead person walking anymore. Now I just look like a cute, innocent 18-year-old:

More from me soon, I promise. I do hope you still believe me.