It's a Fishy Birthday

Today's a special day, a very special day. Today is my fish's birthday. Sadly we didn't have as much time together as we would have liked to. My fish's boss quite frankly doesn't care about the fact that it's my fish's special day, that he might have a life outside of work, a girlfriend or a family. Welcome to China!

Still. My sweet fish moved a mountain and then some to find the time to come and see me. One could think it's my birthday today... In a way it felt like it!

Earlier this week I preordered a cake as we'd planned to have lunch together but my fish's boss had another idea alltogether and called the fish back to the office for a (useless) meeting before sending him back to Changshu (near Suzhou, in Jiangsu Province) to continue working on his project. If I had the chance I would strangle the fish's boss.

Still, we got the chance to spend some time together and even though it wasn't enough, I'm still thankful for the time I did get. I got to see my sweetheart again, I got to hold his hand and kiss him. I'm thankful for that. Sometimes wanting too much will get you nothing but wanting a little will get you more than you expected too get.

I sometimes struggle to find the right words to explain just how I feel about being able to spend time with my fish. I have no problem saying it in Chinese though, the words just flow.

I love this man. I truly love this man. He's my life. It hasn't been easy for us and it still isn't but all the crap we've gone through, it really doesn't matter. We're still at each other's side, we're more in love than ever and it's the most beautiful feeling in the world. I knew he was the one when I first laid my eyes on him and I still now that now. He's the missing piece, the piece that makes me whole. He's my soulmate. My best friend. The one who can rile me up from one second to the other, the one who makes me smile when I don't feel like it, he has the key to everything. We don't need to exchange a million words, a glance is enough. 

Today was the first time I ever had the chance to spend time with my sweetheart on his birthday. All the other times we were separated by thousands of miles. Never ever again! Long-distance made me stronger, it made me wiser, it made me cherish what really matters in life, but I won't go through the pain of it all again.

So baby, even though you don't really read my blog, unless I force you to, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday, a long and happy life, many smiles and a million kisses from the girl you love most in this world for she loves you more than words can say. 我们俩一生一世相爱。