When He Gives Her Everything...Happy Chinese New Year!

Smiling to herself, she watched him casually play with his watch. They had just ordered lunch and were waiting for the first dish to arrive. She knew he was starving and so was she. The restaurant was packed, mostly families grasping a rare opportunity to spend time together. She turned her head when the little boy across from them screeched again and shock her head, grumbling about the crowds and the inability of Chinese parents to control their kids in public. It seemed like just about everything was okay. These Chinese kids got spoiled rotten day in day out, something she couldn't agree with less. 'I won't raise our kid like that', she thought, and turned her attention back to him. He was still toying with his watch but looked much more relaxed now than just two minutes ago. Still, the tiredness, the weariness was written all across his face. He hid it well but he just couldn't fool her, she could read him like a book. She didn't say anything though. Instead she smiled and he smiled in return, his eyes sparkling with sincerity.

"I want your watch," she blurted out and he chuckled. "I'll give it to you," he said and without hesitation he undid the clasp and handed her the watch. What with it being made out of steel it weight heavily in her hand and when she went to inspect the dial the scent of his cologne made her dizzy. That scent...she'd bought it for him almost a year ago and he refused to use anything else. Nothing seemed good enough. She smirked. It was a sexy scent for a very handsome man. Toying with the watch, she eventually attempted to fasten it around her left wrist but struggled with the clasp. He reached out and helped her with practiced ease. Moving the watch around until it felt comfortable, she stared at it and smiled happily. 

"How much did you pay for it?" She asked and he sighed. "Too much," "Where did you buy it?" "In Hong Kong," he replied and she went to ask another question but the waitress interrupted them when she placed the first dish on the table. He started to eat and she said nothing more. Instead she toyed with her new piece of jewellery but picked up her chopsticks when he told her to eat.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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