So I May Have Done Something...


When I left my apartment this afternoon and crossed the street my only intention was to go to my local hairdresser to get my hair washed...and well if you want me to be honest I wanted to ask my favourite hairdresser about dyeing my hair. We talked about it before and he assured me it wouldn't be a problem.

However...instead of talking to my hairdresser about dyeing my hair I actually let him do it. You may or may not wonder about the outcome... If you aren't wondering about the outcome then you really should because like I said I might have done something crazy today...or maybe it was my hairdresser who did something crazy? 

Long story short, I've gone blond! This may or may not have been on purpose. In all honesty it was more of a mistake because dying my hair is almost always a hit and miss. You never quite know what will happen. It also seems that Chinese hair dye is much more aggressive than Western hair dye. Western hair dye doesn't have quite as much power to radically change your look compared to the Chinese counterparts. It makes sense, I guess, seeing since black hair is much harder to dye.

I'd originally intended to only touch up my roots so that my hair colour is all even again instead of running around with three different shades of medium blond on my head. I'm now down to one shade of light gold blond (Yes, you read that right!). My hairdresser and his colleagues as well as two of my best friends have assured me that I look good and that my new hair colour suits me. 

I always had this crazy idea of going all out and dyeing my hair blond but I never thought I'd actually have the guts to do just that...especially not in China were a dark-haired foreigner stands out like a beacon so let's not talk about just how much of an attraction blond hair is.

What's done is done, now I just need to get used to the new me.

I know you couldn't care less about what I have to say, you probably have just one thought: Show me the damn picture already.

Well then...without further ado, here's the new me!