It's A Walk In The Park

So a couple of weeks ago, I think it might have been roughly two weeks, I took a trip to Zhongshan Park (中山公园) in Hankou (汉口). I'd been meaning to go there for a while but as you know I'm extremely good at procrastinating and then I had the little problem of not wanting to go there by myself.

A few friends said they'd come with me but I got tired of waiting for them so I went all by myself. I seem to be getting in the habit of doing things by myself since I quite frankly can't be arsed to always wait for people to get their act together. Here in China a friend telling you they'll do something with you doesn't mean as much as where I come from. Here in China work and everything else comes before friends. Not always and not in every situation but it's quite common. The concept of just relaxing a little bit is still quite alien to many Chinese people. I always get strange looks when I say that I prefer to have a rest and not work on my time off.

"But you have two days off a week, how do you not get bored?" I was once asked by a friend. Well, sometimes I might feel bored but it's nice to just relax and not have your brain run on full power sometimes...

I've no intention to bore you with mindless facts about Zhongshan Park, except that it is ridiculously easy to get to since all you have to do is hop on the subway line two and take it all the way to Zhongshan Park. The signs at the station will tell you which exit to take. The park is quite big but I actually only managed to see a small part of it. It was quite hot that day and I had the idiotic idea to wear a pair of jeans. They made me look hot for my date that evening but I felt most uncomfortable while walking around in the park and found a place to relax pretty quickly.

Without further ado, here's a selection of photos I took while strolling around. I may have snapped the one or other selfie while I was at it...