Apparently I'm lately just plain incapable of sticking to any kind of acceptable posting cycle and I would like to apologise for that.

Plenty has happened in the last two months, almost too much to figure out where to start writing about it all and time appears to be slipping away from me before I can grasp it and set at least a little bit of it aside for some writing pleasure.

I will try my best to produce a couple of posts to update everyone on what's been going on, I just need to find the time...and the right words. There are some things I can't share just yet and then there are plenty of things I would like to write about, especially my short holiday in Hainan at the beginning of September.

Sometimes I think it's a miracle that other bloggers, who seemingly have more on their plates than me, still find the time to post regularly. Can I blame my ridiculous working hours and the fact that I'm sometimes just too tired to reach for my laptop and write? Sometimes reaching for my iPad and watching a couple of episodes of whatever TV show is occupying my free time seems a lot easier to accomplish.

I'll try to better myself so bear with me and don't go running away because I promise you I do have some juicy stories for you. You'll be sad if you miss them.

With that said, I'll love and leave you with a cliffhanger.