New Year's Eve, Bye Bye 2014, Hello 2015

Sunrise over Frankfurt am Main.

Sometime between 4pm and 6pm CET my phone got flooded with New Year's Messages from all my friends over in China, who are mostly seven hours ahead of me. This somehow makes it feel like it's already 2015 which in return makes me wonder what it is that I am waiting for tonight and why the heel I'm not in bed yet. Actually I am, in bed that is, well actually just on top of it surrounded by a mountain of pillows, blankets and my duvet. I'm sitting on the very bed a cranky teenager grew up in and spent way too much of her time on.

It's a strange feeling to be back in my old room, the room I last full-time lived in when I was 17/18, the very room that looks like my 17-year-old self found a time machine and propelled herself into the future to find out what happened to her now 27-year-old self. Odd. The young woman I am now seems to have nothing in common with the girl who once lived in this room, except maybe that she loves her dad more than anything and can be way too hot-tempered for her own good.

Two weeks into my holiday I'm definitely over the jetlag so I've taken to blaming the excruciating tiredness I feel every day on the fresh air, which, don't get me wrong, I'm loving but when you come 7pm feel like a truck rolled over you several times over, it's hard to have fun. I'm young and I'm supposed to be out with my friends, partying the night away or over-indulging in some other crazy celebratory event. There should at the very least be a glass of red wine in my hand but with the exception of a couple of glasses of mulled wine before Christmas, I haven't touched any booze. I'm probably getting old... Or maybe I'm already old, I'm not really sure. My views on that vary depending on my mood.

Somehow dad and I managed to take a selfie with my phone but look at completely different cameras, don't ask me how that worked out.

So far I've had a fantastic holiday, of course like any family reunion it's not been without its ups and downs, but for the most part it's been really good to be home. I'm shamelessly enjoying my dad's cooking and the coffee he makes for me every morning. There is just something cool about popping your head into the kitchen in the morning and not having to say what it is you want because the person sitting at the kitchen table knows exactly what you want and how you want it.

As for the hype that is New Year's Eve... I've plugged my earphones in because I'm sick and tired of the noisy fireworks outside. It's nowhere near as bad as China but I find it distinctly annoying and distracting, especially when I'm trying to read which, as you can gather, didn't really work out. I'm not focused enough, probably result of spending most of today feeling more than tired. That damn truck rolling over me sure is annoying. I'm going to blame this on my crappy teenager single bed. I spent my eight years in Ireland sprawled out in a spacious double bed and one gets used to that kind of luxury. I also have the pleasure of a very comfortable double bed in my lovely little apartment in Wuhan so this single bed stinks. I almost fell out of it a couple of times since I'm just not used to paying attention to which way I toss when I turn.

What with 2014 being almost over I made the last minute decision to pen a few words but I'm struggling to find the right words. 2014 wasn't really a fantastic year for me. It did have some perks, I made some amazing new friends, finally saw 王力宏 Wang Leehom live in concert and fell in love with working out at the gym but apart from that the better part of 2014 simple sucked. I mean, seriously, can you top a second degree burn on the front and back of your thigh on bloody Valentine's Day of all days? I was kind of warming up to that day and then somebody turned up the temperature to more than I could bear. For all its worth, that nasty accident also taught me that Chinese's hospitals aren't that bad and neither are the doctor's and nurses so I really have no idea what all these Chinese expats always seem to moan about.

A couple other big things, including one incredibly sad thing, put the damper on 2014 for me but living in the past never did anyone any good, or so did my friend remind me when I hit rock bottom. The past is all but a page in the story book of my life and I'm looking forward to 2015, here's to a chance to start over with a clean slate!

I haven't made any grand plans for 2015, but I do have some things that you could I suppose call "resolutions", loosely anyway. Mainly I would just like to spend the better part of 2015 happy and in order to do that I think I will have to try and make the following things come true:
Practising Yoga at home on my brand new yoga matt, a present from my gym. 

I'm definitely going to put a lot of energy into my fitness program and my lessons with my trainer. It's going to be a bunch of fun. I just bought myself some new clothes and I can't wait to slip them on and get sweating in the gym. I'm planning to drop a good few more pounds and I know I'll achieve that goal together with my trainer. He's allergic to laziness and is the person to keep me going when those pesky nagging thoughts about "taking it easy" creep in. I also want to dance more at the gym, not because I'm especially good at it but because I love it. Improving my yoga is also quite high on my to-do-list.

I hope to do some more travelling around China and Asia in the coming year and I have something lined up already but I'm not going to share just yet, you'll have to patiently wait for the blog posts I will write.

I'm quite certain that my two lovely cameras hate me because I keep them locked up in my drawer instead of using them every so often. I'm always snapping away with my iPhone but I would really like to at least try and use my cameras once in a while. I wonder if I still know how to use it.

Chinese / Studying:
I've plans to continue my plans to continuously improve my Chinese and while I would love to say that I will take another HSK exam this year, I highly doubt that putting that out there will make it more likely to happen, but we'll see. You never know. I've also started an online course for a Diploma in Educational Psychology which I find immensely interesting, I just need to put more effort into it.

That's really pretty much it. I could load my plate some more but I also need time for myself, I need time to cook and write and clean and sleep and if I plan to do too many things none of these will come true so I'll leave it at that for now. I can always add on more later on.

I do wish all of you a wonderful start into 2015, whether the new year already began for you or you still waiting for the last day of 2014 to fly by, making room for a new year with new surprises.