Modelling Times: The Story Behind The Photo Shoot

When my alarm went off on last Tuesday at 7.30am, I was more than just a little perplexed as to why I had decided to kick myself out of bed this early on my day off. It took me a good few bleary-eyed minutes to gather myself and around 8am my brain finally kicked into gear - TODAY WAS THE BIG DAY (not that big day but a big day!) - and I jumped out of bed and skipped into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my face... I don't think I've ever washed my face with some much enthusiasm than I did that morning. On any given morning there aren't many things I do enthusiastically apart from drinking coffee that is.

A couple of hours later, unable to resist the temptation to tease, I dropped a few hints and left some breadcrumbs on Facebook for my friends to ponder over.

The breadcrumb...

Some of my friends almost guessed what I was up to, others were so far off that my make-up artist ended up scolding me quite a few times for bursting into a fit of giggles while she was trying to apply my make-up. I tell you, a make-up artist hard at work is not to be messed with, I learned that the hard way.

Sometimes you get the chance to do something ordinary people don't normally get to do, things like having the opportunity to find out what it feels like when professionals take your picture, do your make-up and hair and to top it all of, help you get dressed. The last time somebody helped me get dressed I was in hospital and had just undergone surgery and was too groggy to care about what was happing around me. This time I was in full possession of my senses and I can tell you that somebody sewing you into a dress and then cutting you right back out of it is a feeling that has to be experienced first hand to actually be understood.

I didn't make the choice to have my pictures taken all by myself, although to be honest, I'd been toying with the idea for quite some time. The final decision was made together with two good friends and those two were also present on the day. They too had their pictures taken.

The whole photo shoot took about 12 hours, including make-up, hair and dress changes. We had to get dressed and undressed a whooping ten times and got our hair and make-up done four times. First on the list was a bridal shoot, which we opted to have outside since the weather was lovely, not too cold and not too hot, quite unusual for St. Patrick's Day. From my experience, Paddy's Day in Ireland is usually bitter cold.

I got to wear a stunning new dress with a long train, matching wedding jewellery, a glittering tiara and a veil. The dress was the prettiest thing I've ever seen and I really didn't want to take it off again after the photographer finished taking all our photos. As pretty as the dress looked, it was a nightmare to walk in, especially up and down the stairs and with high heels. I had to gather the entire dress up every time and walk very carefully since I couldn't see the ground beneath my feet... There were also some puddles and those don't go well with titled flooring. Add murderously high high heels to the mix and you have the perfect combination for a sure fire broken bones accident.

Following the bridal shoot we'd originally chosen to take some photos wearing traditional Chinese clothing but after I put the dress on and took one look in the mirror I could only scream in horror. The outfit look hideous on me and even a different colour couldn't make it better. The photographer took a couple of sample shoots to show me the result on 'film' but I point black refused to go ahead with the shoot, telling him I looked like a ghost on Halloween only more terrifying. He laughed and I scurried off to change into a different dress. Since moving to China I've developed a thing for bright red, I call it 中国大红 or 'Chinese Red'. I took one look around the dressing room and chose a stunning red evening gown. The stylist sew me into the dress and found me a gorgeous red necklace and a crown to go with the dress. I chose my own shoes because getting size 42 shoes is a nightmare in China.

While my friends were dressed in traditional Chinese clothing I got 'The Queen' treatment all over again in a solo photo shoot. I felt quite nervous the whole time, dead sure that I was getting all the poses wrong, driving the photographer insane. The photographer, a handsome young gentlemen dressed in black, ensured me that I was doing a fine job and that the photos would turn out perfect. His flattery was relaxing and turns out I'm a natural after all!

Done with the dress, I had to be cut out of it and prior to having my make-up adjusted I jumped into a pair of black suit trousers, buttoned up a white shirt and threw a vest over the whole outfit. The photographer added a tie and the stylist a MJ-style hat. After all that excitement the make-up artist spend half an hour fixing my make-up because my cheeks were flushed with excitement and it looked terrifying. I reckon I was a man in my last life because the suit, tie and hat suits me right down to the T. It made for a fun shoot and the photographer even managed to get an MJ pose out of me.

For the last shoot of the day, I dressed down to pretty much nothing. Unless a man's shirt and a short, black lace nightgown can be considered as fall into the 'everyday clothes' category. At first I thought I might feel surprisingly uncomfortable in the outfit, there were after all a good few people around us, but at this stage I felt pretty at ease around everyone and shooting the sexy photos was a breeze. I never thought of myself as a vamp but apparently I have the sex-factor (to some degree), that or the photographer knew how to tease me just right when trying to get me into the right pose. Get your minds out of the gutter, he was the perfect gentlemen and didn't do anything that could be considered inappropriate. 

'Nuff said, it's time for some photos!

The photographer opted for 'The Queen' style pictures when he took my photos and the result is stunning.

A close up of me with the jewellery, the crown and the veil. Of course, any good bride, even if she isn't a real bride, needs some flowers and my light skin, the white dress and some blood-red roses worked perfectly together.

The dress in all it's glory.

I would love to share more photos, but the photos are exceptionally big and I live in China so uploading them takes about half a century. I have however made the Facebook album with the all the photos public so if you follow this link, you should be able to see them.

I'm going to tease you with very sexy picture from the photo shoot, so if you don't head over to my Facebook album to look at the remaining pictures then you don't know what you're missing because the below photo isn't the sexiest photo there is... Just saying!

Apparently I have the vamp-factor, who would have thought!

The guys at the photo studio are very professional, the price was acceptable and the staff listened to our wishes and requests and were willing to negotiate our deal. Overall I'm pretty happy with the treatment and the result and as such I will recommend the photo studio.

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