Finally Back In Hong Kong

Beautiful Hong Kong harbour

Crossing the "border" from Shenzhen over to Hong Kong ended up being easier than I'd imagined, although without my friend's guidance I'd have probably wasted loads of time on looking for the right way. A short trip on the subway, a long walk, some queuing, filling out departure and arrival cards and a stamp or two later my friend and I stood in Hong Kong, glancing back at Shenzhen. We were about to snap a selfie when the security guards reminded us to keep walking and so we did. Simplified characters gradually changed to traditional ones and before long we were queuing on the platform, waiting for the subway train to take us further into Hong Kong.

"I have Facebook!" I shouted with delight and the guy beside me, who was in the middle of the phone call, grinned at me. My friend, never having used Facebook in her life, looked rather unconcerned, however she was possibly slightly worried about my mental state.

It didn't take us long to find our way to the hotel, though my friend did get us lost when we came out of the subway. I managed orientate myself pretty quickly and found the hotel in no time. There is order in the tons of signs plastered all over Hong Kong's streets.

Free upgrade to the junior suite

Much of our time in Hong Kong was spend eating, some time was spend arguing, some time was spend queuing and some time was spend shopping. I somehow managed not to splash out on a new camera, even though that had been something I'd planned to do while in Hong Kong. Since I restrained myself this time, it just gives me another time to go back for more.

Food, food, food.



Whenever I am in Hong Kong all I care about is Pacific Coffee.

I'm a huge fan of Guangdong cuisine, especially with a Hong Kong twist and despite spending fives days eating, I still managed to lose some weight, which made me rather happy and my friend complain of sore feet. We had some fun walking around Hong Kong, getting lost on purpose aka just following our nose and seeing where that would lead us. I also finally got to take the Star Ferry again, which was a blast. There's just something about taking the boat across the harbour that you can't get from taking the subway. The latter might be faster but the former has more flair.

I also caught up with an old friend from my time in Ireland, and it was lovely to sit down for a chat with her and gorge on mouth-watering, authentic Dim Sum. I was so busy eating that I completely forgot about taking pictures to savour the moment. You can get Dim Sum here in Wuhan, there are plenty of restaurants scattered all over the city, and while some of them serve some really good stuff, it's still not the real deal.

We also queued for way too long to take the tram up to The Peak, since my friend had never done that before, with the very intention to enjoy a bird's eye view of the harbour at night, a sight I enjoyed before and loved. Sadly heavy mist thwarted our plans and by the time we got up to the top we could barely see further than thirty metres and the wind was crazy. It wasn't extremely cold though and we still had a great deal of fun. Most of the time my friend and I chatted in English, which was a great experience for her too, or so she told me later.

I can't say we got up to something crazy, unless you consider waiting for your friend in Kowloon Tong when she clearly said Kwun Tong crazy. It was entirely my fault, since I read the subway map wrong and got us to the wrong place, resulting in complete loss of face.

The view was that good!


Posing by the tower.

Love this tower!

More cuteness!

My bestie is really good at posing.

I spend enough time in China to know how to act cute (maimeng)

Messing around in Hong Kong

I honestly can't get enough of the view behind me.