I Got A Tattoo!!!

Post-Tattoo Happiness

There is something incredibly attractive and sexy about a well-placed tattoo, there is absolutely no doubt about it.

I can honestly say I've always wanted a tattoo. I thought about designs for years, looked at pictures and even considered asking one of my friends to design me a tattoo, just for me. But during all that time dreaming about my very own tattoo I never actually dared to go to a tattoo studio. I was always too scared, too worried, too unsure. Until now that is!

I finally bit the bullet, faced my inexplicable fear and went for it. After all, we live only once and it's always better to live your dreams than to dream your life away.

What with my burn in 2014 and some other unpleasant and painful memories, I wanted to give myself a new start with something I'd never done before, something I'd never dared to do... I wanted to leave a mark, to leave a visible reminder of how much I've changed in the last four years, how different a person I've become, of just how much change I'm capable.

My friend just opened her very own nail art and beauty salon nearby and one of the girls there, Xiao Kai, is a tattoo artist. Just my luck, since finding a good tattoo studio and artist can be tricky in China, even more so than in Western countries. Though I've heard of a few foreigners who have got tattoos in China none of them are my friends, so I didn't have anyone to turn to for a advice and I'm not a fan of asking random strangers.

A few days ago I saw one of Xiao Kai's designs, a simple star, on her forearm near her wrist, she did herself. I was charmed by it and asked to see some designs. I fell in love with one particular design minutes after she sent me some photos and my mind was made up, this time I wasn't gonna chicken out. I bravely made an appointment and stuck to it too.

On the way over I was just a little bit nervous but the butterflies soon calmed down and with my heart set on that one particular design, I asked Xiao Kai to get to work. She helped me to find the perfect spot for my tattoo and after a few photos, I made a decision. Xiao Kai put on her face mask and sterile gloves, cleaned the skin, disinfected it and gently spread a topical anaesthetic gel on the spot we'd chosen for my tattoo.

While we waited for the anaesthetic to kick in we chatted, drank some water and laughed, then Xiao Kai got started. She was professional, concentrated and while I listened to music and half-dozed in the chair, she produced a little masterpiece. At the beginning I didn't feel much, then as the anaesthetic began to wear off I started to feel a light prickling but the gentle buzzing of the tattoo machine and some good music had me in a relaxed trance, so I bit my lips once or twice, grumbled a little and then Xiao Kai was finished. She cleaned everything, then took a picture of her artwork for me to admire.

It was love at first sight! I picked the perfect spot. I can somewhat see my tattoo when I look in the mirror and twist and I can see all of it when I use two mirrors but other than that I just know it's there, I know others can see it and that's good enough for me. I wouldn't want to see it every day.

If you haven't seen my Instagram, you're probably wondering what design I chose, so I'm going to finally reveal it:

The finished work of art!

I decided to go with a rose, my favourite flower, but that's not the only reason. I believe I'm very much like a rose, I have some thorns and if you don't treat me right you will end up pricking yourself, but if you look closer I'm just as soft as the blossoms of a rose, and my passion is as fierce as roses are red. I have passion, I've a fire burning in my heart that might have been almost extinguished at some point but a spark has always been there. I've experienced the pain of tightly embracing a bouquet of roses and despite the bouquets beauty and the delightful scent, I ended up hurt. This tattoo is to remind me that pain doesn't last forever, that a scar is beautiful, that love pricks but is magical too and that I'm no longer who I once was. I'm a strong woman and I won't be put down!

Happiness is Bliss.