Life 心里装着什么,就与什么结缘


What you adorn your heart with is what you form ties with.


We say we’re confused about the boundaries of life and life’s future, when actually it’s all rather simple, it’s all part of your choices, related to what’s in your heart. In a nutshell: The borders come with what the heart gives.


In life, if you plant a seed of deep hatred inside your heart, it will grow and once mature it will ruthlessly swallow your tolerance, your ability to be grateful, and any positivity. For no reason at all, you will find yourself in the darkness, using up your precious life.


If you plant jealousy, you will become scheming and greedy, unable to leave your narrow-minded thoughts behind. Wretched and selfish, you will find yourself stuck in your little circle of opinions, blaming everyone and anything, entrapping yourself, using up precious time.


If, in your heart, you blame others, then you stupidly, place others in the centre of your life, and repeatedly torment yourself.


If you place importance on position, money and property, you will spend your life valuing these three things, running about in a materialistic world.


As the importance of these things gradually increases, your desire to pursue even more, even better things, your inherent qualities will gradually lessen, until they disappear. When you find yourself reaching the limit, you cannot help but continue to live a mediocre, empty-handed life.


On the other hand, if you place importance on being kind and honest, tolerant, sincere and grateful, you fill discover that your life is truly full of sunshine.


If you persevere, you will break away from the boundaries and discover that life is truly this wonderful. When you meet troubles, you will take a moment to reflect on your own short-comings and try to improve them. The negativity of others will not impact you to the degree that you find your chest heavily burdened, ready to collapse.


If you let a little bit of everything inside your heart, you find yourself at the centre of the universe. All the rights and wrongs, the struggles, love, position and wealth, honour and disgrace, everything… Placed before you, all these things become trifling matters, to be blinked away, relieved with a smile.