Four Types of Chinese Guys You Should NEVER Date

    Dating in China can be a sexy adventure, but it can also be hell, here are four guys you should definitely stay away from, if you know what's good for your sanity.

       1.    The WeChat Guy
Maybe you met him online, maybe one of your Chinese friends meant well and introduced you, but regardless of how you met him, whatever you two have will always just be a brief WeChat affair. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is probably good looking, he’s also quite attentive and will message you several times a day. You’ll probably get a wake-up message, a reminder to eat lunch and he’ll always care, always ask you if you’ve finished work and are on your way home. You’ll most likely find yourself chatting to him until late into the night. You’ll share pictures, and at first, he’ll share some too but gradually you’ll be the only one to do so. He’ll like everyone you post to your moments and he’ll always comment, but that’s going to stop too. You might even video-chat, send a bunch of voice messages and who knows there might be the odd voice call, but he’ll never meet up with you ever. Whenever you chat with him you think he’s the perfect boyfriend, attentive, sweet, caring, always responds to messages… Don’t fool yourself, girl, he’ll never meet up with you. Whatever the reason, an actual date isn’t ever going to happen. If you’re looking for someone to keep you company in the evening and chatting is all you’re looking for, then he’s perfect, but if you’re actually looking for a boyfriend then forget about it, he ain’t worth your time.

       2.    The Fitness Buff
Now, don’t get me wrong, I like a super-fit, muscular, well-toned, super-handsome hunk with a six-pack as much as the next gal, but this guy is one you better stay the hell away from. He works out for one reason and one reason only: to get the ladies. He’ll show off his muscles any chances he gets and if you look at his WeChat moments he either works in a gym or can afford to hang out in one 24/7. For him, everything is about training, building muscles, showing off his muscles and his perfect fitness diet. He’s the kind of guy who’s unusually flirty, touchy-feely and he will always flash you a smile. He’s the typical predator and you’re his prey, because he wants you, badly. He’ll promise you the moon and trust me you won’t be able to resist, you’ll fall right for it and before you know it he’ll be in your bed, which is exactly what he wanted all along. The very next day you’re just another girl to him, he might be friendly but he’ll let you know that he got what he wanted and that there’s no point in hoping for more. If you do want more, something he will have let you believe before you became yet another notch on his bedpost, you’ll be rebuffed time and time again. So if it’s a one-night-stand you’re after, by all means, gal, knock yourself out, but if you’re looking for a serious relationship, save yourself the heartbreak.

       3.    The Married Guy
Oh honey, no, this is not what you think. You won’t know that he’s married until it’s far too late, because let me tell you what, this guy is just that good at wrapping you around your finger. He’ll be sweeter than honey, he’ll make you believe you struck gold. When you want to go shopping, he won’t complain. He’ll carry your back without hesitation, he’ll get the bill at the restaurant, in short, he’ll be the perfect gentlemen… This is where your warning bells should ring, because let me tell you something, this guy is too good to be true. Any guy who does whatever a girl want without a single complaint underwent some serious training, and he didn’t just learn that from his last girlfriend, oh no, he’s experienced in the ups and downs of marriage, he handles any girl with ease. If he has even a sense of remorse he’ll tell you the truth. That type of married guy is known as the gambler, he’s pretty confident he’s got you right where he wants you and no matter what he says or does, you’ll come with him anyway. If he doesn’t know have any scruples at all, he’ll conveniently forget to tell you about his marital status and you’ll be nothing but his latest amusement.

       4.    The Promise-Breaker
He’s the worst of them all, because he’s the one you love more than anything and you’ll believe every lie he tells you. Every time he breaks a promise he’ll feed you a bullshit story about how he’s working so hard for the future or how he has to work overtime, can’t get the time off, just has to take that business trip, is in the middle of yet another meeting, is driving, and the list goes on and on and on. Oh yeah, gal, he’s good. The promise-breaker is really good at apologising, he’ll say all the right things to appease you and to soften the blow he’ll make you a bunch of promises about how it won’t ever happen again and blah blah blah… Each time you’ll feel better but the disappointment will fester in your heart and you’ll end up getting more and frustrated but you’re so sure that he’s the one, so you keep telling yourself that he loves you too and that it’ll get better and, and, and. For each and every broken promise, you have an excuse to convince yourself that you’re still his number one, because hey, he’s yours. The promise-breaker was the one who almost made me give up on love, he messed me up so badly, made me feel so worthless, I thought I’d never love again. Ladies, if he continuously breaks one promise after another, he doesn’t deserve you, so get out of that toxic relationship before it’s too late.