My Dream Come True 我的梦想成真

Some ten plus years ago, resolved to make a plan for the rest of my life, I grabbed a random piece of paper and a pen and went about jotting down very own bucket list. I was convinced my life needed some direction, I simply needed to know what was important to me. Some of the things on my bucket list I’ve already achieved, while others are still patiently waiting to be fulfilled. Strangely, despite having written the list when I was only a teenager, my dreams haven’t changed all that much. I guess age doesn't really matter that much when it comes to knowing what you want.

我并不想分享我所有的梦想和希望,可是我可以告诉大家,我这几年一直有一个很大的梦想 —— 我非常想坐直升机。从小我一直很喜欢看直升机起飞,我也不知道具体为什么直升机一直令我神往,但是我就克制不了我的欲望。
While I’m not planing to share all my dreams and hopes for my future in this post, I do would like to share one of my dreams with my readers. One of the items on my bucket list has always been to ride in a helicopter. I almost managed to make that dream come true while living in Ireland, but in the end my plans fell through and for the last few years I’ve been too busy to put much thought into my helicopter dream. Yet all it ever took to remind my of my burning desire to experience the joys of a helicopter right, was the mere sight of a photo of one of these impressive machines.

Last month, I unexpectedly got the opportunity to make my dream come true, but despite repeated promises, I didn’t dare to believe I would actually end up to be lucky enough to experience the wonders of riding in a helicopter. Real friends, however, don’t make promises they don’t intend to keep and on the 31st of March, 2018 I found myself in a car on the way to fulfil my dream. Still, I didn’t dare to believe, not even once I stood a mere fifteen metres away from the helicopter, feeling the sheer force of the rotors, that was about to whisk me away into the skies. Once I finally sat inside the helicopter, headset on and seatbelt securely fastened, feeling the speed of the engine slowly increase, I eventually slowly allowed myself to believe that my dream was indeed about to come true. Seconds later the pilot took off, so gently I barely felt the ground give way to the air underneath the helicopter. The pilot turned the heavy bird around with such extraordinary ease, that it was plain obvious he had hundreds of hours of flying experience under his belt, and rising further up into the air he sped away, taking me with him into the skies. We communicated through the headset, which I found odd at first but soon got used to, and he kindly informed me what I could see to my left, right as well as in front of me, however he quickly noticed that I was thoroughly fascinated with the helicopter controls and therefore stopped talking about the scenery and politely answered a couple of questions about his flying skills and the helicopter under his command. He treated me to a couple of spins and turns, literally rendering me speechless.

If you are willing to wait, if you don’t ever give up on your dreams, they will come true.