17 Reasons Why I'm A Crazy Cat Lady

Apparently it's really easy to turn into a crazy cat lady. All you need is an adorable kitten and oodles of love for said kitten. Shane and I, well it was pretty much love at first sight, which is amazing given the fact that I used to be utterly terrified of cats. My high school classmate's cat was a crazy nutter and said cat put me off the idea of ever having a cat myself for life...or so I thought!

Long story short, Shane made my heart swell with love the day he arrived in my little flat, a mere sixty-two days old, fairly wobbly on his paws but full of curiosity and willing to trust me completely. He wouldn't leave my side all evening and made it quite clear that he would be taking up residence on my bed at night. At first I tried to negotiate with him, I had an adorable bed for him, as well as some treats, but I quickly learnt that even a two-month-old kitten has its own mind about pretty much everything.

Shane's definitely turned my life upside down in the past month, but I wouldn't give him away even if you paid me too. He's the sweetest, most well-behaved, naughtiest and smartest kitten I've had the pleasure to get to know.

So, in he best month I've pretty much turned into a crazy cat lady, flooding my Instagram and Facebook feeds with cat photos and videos. This, along with some shocked comments from friends ("Are you sure you're quite sane?", etc.) has inspired me to make up my very own list of reasons of why I'm a crazy cat lady:

1) You learn not to reason with your cat.
When Shane first arrived, I'd prepared a cosy little bed for him but he completely ignored it. He just didn't care for it, not even a treat on the pillow could convince him to give it a try. He went straight for my bed. I tried to put him back into his bed several times, needless to say he stayed for less than a second before he was back on my bed, curling up next to me. Eventually I gave up and too tired to care I went to bed with a cute ball of fur beside me.

2) You talk to your cat.
Shane is quite talkative, he meows a lot, which is quite adorable, and I've taken to either meowing right back at him or saying something to him. Sometimes we have a proper conversation.

3) You listen to the music your cat likes.
Shane has a rather particular taste in music, he loves relaxing music with nature sounds (especially birds, go figure) so I end up listening to that since it makes him curl up and enjoy/sleep.

4) Your first action when coming home is to cuddle the cat.
It doesn't matter whether I really need to use the bathroom or have my hands full, I'll find a way to put it all down to pick up Shane, who seems to be able to sense I'm about to come home because when I open the door he's always sitting right in front of it.

5) The cat's meals come first.
It really doesn't matter how hungry I am, Shane gets his bowl of food first and that is that. He gets his food and fresh water before I make my coffee and considering that coffee is my everything that's pretty special.

6) Cat's unwell? Vet first.
Shane caught a cold when he first moved in with me and also ended up with some diarrhoea. What with him being so small and not yet having had any vaccinations I immediately took him to the vet to get checked out. On one occasion he was dehydrated when I got home (apparently diarrhoea will do that to tiny kittens) so I scooped him up, called a taxi and off we went. I left dinner behind, not wanting to waste time eating until the vet had a proper look at my little furball. On another occasion we had a check-up booked but I was dead tired and really wanted to sleep. Still, I scooped him and off to the vet we went.

7) You spend more time on Taobao looking for cat's toys than for stuff for yourself.
At first I thought Shane would be fine with some basic homemade toys but all those little rods with toys on them and whatnot look like so much fun that I just can't resist. I know Shane will enjoy them for hours on end and when he's happy, I'm happy. As a result, Shane has a colourful assortment of toys to play with.

8) One look at your cat will improve your mood.
There's just something special about Shane, it's impossible to be mad, sad or hold on to any other negative feelings when around my furry bundle of joy. He always does something to make me laugh, or he'll come up to me and demand cuddles. Sometimes it's just the way he jumps off the couch or bed and then slides on the floor, he's a little comedian and I'm pretty sure that sometimes he does it on purpose.

9) There's something motherly about hugging a tiny kitten to your chest.
Shane's temper is really good and he loves cuddles. Of course there are times when he wants to run around like a cat on speed and if you try to hold him then he'll fight viciously. I'd do the same. Most of the time he's fairly happy to be in my arms and there's just something special about it, you end up feeling all fuzzy and protective.

10) You've accepted that you're perfect for climbing.
When Shane first moved in he was really good at climbing up my chest onto my shoulder and he'd sit there, looking around. If I let him, he still does that now, but what he actually prefers is to climb up my trousers when I'm sitting at the table doing something. He'll meow for some time, that's him politely asking to be picked up and put on the table, and if I don't follow through he'll climb up himself. He's quite determined about it and there's no stopping him. He does the same when I'm in the kitchen and the running water is annoying him or he has decided that I'm taking too much time preparing his food. He also likes to run around all over me at the crack of down.

11) Cat is boss.
When Shane's found a perfect place to sleep (usually somewhere on my bed) it's me who ends up spooning around him. If I attempt to move him to the pillow, which is usually his preferred sleeping spot, I'll get an icy stare and to make his point he'll leave his preferred sleeping spot and plonk himself right in the centre of the bed and continue sleeping.

12) Not playing with your kitten results in your kitten playing with you.
Shane loves playtime and when I don't find some time for it, he will make sure to get it, by chasing after me, running between my feed and jumping all over the place. Sometimes he sits in front of me and stares at me until I get the message.

13) You always find a reason to take yet another picture or video of your cat.
Shane is curious, loves exploring and is quite playful, those are a million reasons to whip out my phone and start snapping away. In one month I've managed to take close to 400 pictures of this little fluff ball and I don't intend to stop.

14) Your Instagram is flooded with kitten photos.
Shane's expressions are pretty photogenic and whenever I do manage to get a good photo of him I want to share it with everyone.

15) You're writing a blog post about your kitten.
That one needs no further explanation. Also, writing this means I can upload a bunch of cute kitten pics to my blog, win-win.

16) You find all things cat cute.
Lately I have a new Starbucks mug with a kitten on it, which came with a free little handbag. I also have a sleeping mask that says 'all you need is cat and love' and I'm magically drawn to anything cat.

17) You read about cats and you watch cat videos.
When I look for something to read it's usually related to cats and when I have a couple of minutes to spare I will watch some funny cat / cute kitten videos. Yes, I reckon this falls into the #facepalm category.